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Chambrière Vanier

370, avenue Plante, Québec, QC

The Chambriere Vanier residence is a private residence for seniors (RPA). This Quebec City residence welcomes several clients. In particular, those who are autonomous, with loss of autonomy (semi-autonomous), those with mental health, elderly with Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, and retired persons with intellectual and / or physical disability. At the Chambriere Vanier residence, he has a nurse present, every day. Residents' safety is important at this Québec City residence, since there is always a trained person who is on site. A family atmosphere prevails at this residence. The mutual assistance and integration of the residents are fundamental aspects at the Chambriere Vanier residence. Several activities are offered, including gardening. In addition, he has a good collaboration between the residence and the CLSC.

Certificate of excellence

Maison pour aînés Aurèle Cloutier

410, rue Aurèle-Cloutier, Québec, QC

The House for Seniors Aurèle Cloutier is a private residence for seniors that is located in Vanier in the city of Quebec.

Les Jardins Champfleury

1950, avenue Champfleury, Québec, QC

Les Jardins Champfleury is a private residence for seniors that houses autonomous seniors and elderly with a slight loss of autonomy (semi-autonomous). This completely renovated old school offers spacious apartments and many services. Contact a team member to learn about the benefits of staying there.

Pavillon de Claire

765, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, Québec, QC

The Pavillon de Claire residence is a private residence for seniors (RPA) belonging to the Groupe Logisco. It offers its various services to autonomous and semi-autonomous. The Pavilion de Claire is located in Vanier, on the North Shore of Quebec, on the banks of the Riviere St-Charles. From its terrace you will get a magnificent view of this one. It is a beautiful place where you can relax and daydream. This private residence for seniors is a quiet and peaceful environment. Safety is an important aspect of the Pavilion de Claire, since there are staff at all times of the day. Several units are available at this Vanier residence. Moreover, good meals are served. You will have a great variety and are designed according to Canada's Food Guide.

Certificate of excellence

Le Manoir St-Amand

2220, 1re Avenue, Québec, QC

The Manoir St-Amand is a private residence for seniors (RPA) as well as an intermediate resource (RI). This residence is located in the Limoilou neighborhood on the North Shore of Québec City. It is close to several services including the Hospital of St. Francis of Assisi. Le Manoir St-Amand offers its services to autonomous people, with loss of autonomy (semi-autonomous and non-autonomous), as well as people with Alzheimer's and cognitive loss. This private residence for seniors and intermediate resource is a warm and inviting place. It is a modern residence where the well-being of residents is essential. Le Manoir St-Amand is a peaceful place, in the heart of an urban setting. A multidisciplinary team and several volunteers work to meet your needs. You will have fun at this residence of Limoilou! Various activities are offered including zootherapy, card games, movie theaters and many more.

Résidence Potvin

1601, 3e Avenue, Québec, QC

The Residence Potvin is located in Limoilou, more precisely on the North Shore of Quebec City. It is close to the Hospital Saint-François d’Assise and several points of service such as restaurants and shops. This private residence for the elderly (RPA) welcomes several clienteles such as autonomous persons, with loss of autonomy (semi-autonomous), those with mental health problems, retirees who have Parkinson's disease, persons with physical and / or intellectual disability, Alzheimer's and people who need a short term stay for convalescent. A family atmosphere prevails at the Residence Potvin. The new administration of this private residence for seniors will be happy to accommodate you and to answer your needs adequately. Moreover, several health care and services are offered at this residence in Limoilou.

Certificate of excellence

Auberge 5 Saisons

2035, rue de Fondville, Québec, QC

The Auberge 5 Saisons is located in Limoilou, on the North Shore of Quebec City. This private seniors' residence (RPA) is close to several points of service, such as health centers, banking, stores, parks and pharmacies. Staff members are pleased to welcome retired and autonomous persons at the Auberge 5 Saisons. It is since 1982 that this private residence for seniors devotes itself to answer the needs of the elders. This residence of Limoilou offers a nice atmosphere friendly and safe, since there is security at any time of the day.

Le Manoir des Laurentides (Fermé)

2723, boulevard Talbot, Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, QC

Le Havre du Trait-Carré inc.

6880, 1re Avenue, Québec, QC

Résidence Charlesbourg

4220, rue d'Orsainville, Québec, QC

The Résidence Charlesbourg is a residence for autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors. It welcomes retired persons requiring a long-term place or a period of convalescence.

Certificate of excellence

Résidence Le Saint-Patrick

100, Grande-Allée Est, Québec, QC

Résidence Le Saint-Patrick's retirement home for the seniors (Azur group by Cogir), is a private residence for seniors who are autonomous or have a slight loss of autonomy (semi-autonomous). Located in the heart of the Quebec City Plateau, this retirement home offers an elegant environment. With its brand new Center Multi-Services, the residence, Le Saint-Patrick offers several services offered by professionals. Contact a team member to learn about the benefits of staying there.

Manoir de Jouvence

21, rue Albert-Trudel, Québec, QC

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