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The Patrimoine Group offers seven seniors' residences in different areas: Capitale-Nationale, Chaudières-Appalaches, South Shore of Montreal and Center-of-Québec. Specialized in the management of retirement homes who have been active for more than 20 years, Groupe Patrimoine's mission is to offer its autonomous, semi-autonomous and physically or cognitively impaired clientele a quality service and a safe environment, as well as quality living. This framework allows everyone to maintain their achievements as long as possible, in a peaceful environment that respects the needs and pace of each. Choosing a Patrimoine Group residences is choosing a living environment that lives up to the expectations and real needs of its clientele.


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Groupe Patrimoine

Location 1290, rue des Pionniers, L'Ancienne-Lorette, QC, G2E 2L8

Manoir des Pionniers offers 80 apartments for retired seniors wishing to live in a safe and harmonious environment. The residence also offers safe care rooms for elderly with a loss of cognitive autonomy (such as Alzheimer's disease). Les Jardins des Pionniers' apartments are aimed at young …

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Groupe Patrimoine

Location 7000, boulevard Cousineau, Saint-Hubert, Longueuil, QC, J3Y 9K7

LE COUSINEAU of Groupe Patrimoine welcomes autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors in Longueuil. Neighboring the CLSC, the residence is located opposite the new library Raymond-Lévesque, near bike paths and hiking and near all services.This private residence for seniors has a constant energy thanks to the dynamism of …

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Groupe Patrimoine

Location 1250, av. Jules-Verne, L'Ancienne-Lorette, QC, G2E 0X0

The residence has 65 units, style '' Studio''The complex for seniors The Jules-Verne is located in L'Ancienne-Lorette. Eventually, the residence Le Jules-Verne will offer more than 500 units of different types, activity areas, gardens, a technology initiation center, virtual games, a swimming pool, a café-bistro and …

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Groupe Patrimoine

Location 2020 boulevard Lebourgneuf, Neufchatel-Est/Lebourgneuf, Québec, QC, G2K 0B3

The retirement home Humanitae of the Heritage Group, which has 170 units (separated in “houses” of 12 to 15 residents each), is located in Quebec City and is adapted for residents suffering from memory loss. This seniors' residence offers a continuum of services to people suffering …

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Groupe Patrimoine

Location 12111, rue de l'Hôpital, Loretteville, Québec, QC, G2A 2T6

Manoir de Lorette offers more than 80 apartments for seniors in search of a safe and harmonious environment. Located in the heart of the city of Loretteville, close to the Chauveau Hospital and close to all services, the residence will charm you with its spacious spaces …

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Groupe Patrimoine

Location 25, rue Méthot, Warwick, QC, J0A 1M0

Located in Warwick near a park, a CHSLD and the city center, the Villa du Parc has existed since 1990. It has 125 housing units that can accommodate self-employed people to people at the end of their lives. The Villa du Parc is a warm, peaceful, …

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Groupe Patrimoine

Location 6565, St-Laurent, Desjardins, Lévis, QC, G6V 3N9

Manoir St-Laurent offers more than 70 cozy apartments for autonomous and semi-autonomous elderly, as well as care units for seniors with a cognitive loss (Alzheimer's disease type). In collaboration with the Manoir's team of professionals, the residents' committee participates in the daily life of the residence. …

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Groupe Patrimoine

Location 2009, boulevard Lebourgneuf, Neufchatel-Est/Lebourgneuf, Québec, QC, G2K 0B3

OPENING SUMMER 2021. Currently under construction, LE MARC-AURÈLE is a private residence for seniors of the Groupe Patrimoine which will offer 500 units. It will be located in Lebourgneuf, close to several amenities including the Galeries de la Capitale. The 14-storey building is linked by 4 …

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What are Groupe Patrimoine retirement homes ?

Groupe Patrimoine owns 6 residences, including three in the suburbs of Quebec City, one in the Lévis region, one in Warwick and finally, another in Saint-Hubert. The Group offers to autonomous seniors, semi-autonomous and loss of physical or cognitive autonomy, quality living environments, in which staff provides services and care to meet your needs.