Urgent Relocation
Urgent Relocation

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Urgent Relocation
Urgent Relocation

Retirement home research tool

Our free web search tool allows you to find the best seniors' residence adapted to your needs throughout Quebec. Find the right senior’s residence by doing a research and consult the custom listings of retirement home in the desired area.

What are the types of seniors residence ?

Discover the different types of retirement home among private seniors' residences, private or public CHSLD, intermediate resources (IR) or housing cooperative. Bonjour Residences can help you in your search by allowing you to filter the results from our senior retirement home register.

Am I ready to move in a retirement home?

Moving to a seniors' residence is an important transition in a senior's life. In order to ensure a smooth process, you must know how to plan your move to your retirement home and, above all, do not rush. Discover the 6 simple steps to reduce the stressors related to the move in a retirement home.

Urgent Relocation

Do you need to find a place in a retirement home quickly? Our "Urgent Relocation" service allows you to find a senior’s residence that meets your needs in a short time. This new tool simplifies the search by sending the request simultaneously to all residences corresponding to the profile of the person to be accommodated. Learn more about our free Urgent Relocation service.



Use our simple and efficient search engine to find senior residences that match your criteria.



Discover detailed information / fact sheets for all senior retirement home in Quebec and consult authentic reviews shared by the community.

Clear choice


You can contact the residences of your choice to plan a visit or simply to get more information. Then come back to Bonjour Résidences to share your comments on these residences!

Blog: tips and news about retirement homes

Living in a retirement home is a stimulating and rewarding experience that helps seniors break the isolation. Discover the lifestyle of retirement homes by reading articles as well as practical tips for living well in a retirement home. Find out some tips that will certainly help you in your preparations for your move in a senior’s residence.