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Ébèn residences for seniors serve personalized services for the independent living and assisted living. Situated in the Quebec City, Lotbinière and Kamouraska regions, Ébèn seniors' residences are proud to promote a living environment that meets the needs and rhythm of life of each person. At the seniors residence Ébèn, elders can live their retirement by having the spirit of mind with a varied and balanced menu and where the quality of life is superior since all the services are easily accessible. Keep your life safe by providing 24-hour support and supervision. Enjoy your retirement in the Ébèn seniors' residences and live precious moments in a cordial atmosphere where the living environment is harmonious.


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Manoir Saint-Louis


Location 1655, chemin Saint-Louis, Sillery, Québec, QC, G1S 1G4

The private residence for the elderly, Manoir Saint-Louis (Groupe Ébén) welcomes retired people who are autonomous, semi-autonomous (with a slight loss of autonomy), Alzheimer's or other cognitive losses. This 51-unit senior residence is located in the beautiful Sillery district of Quebec City. Near the Manoir Saint-Louis …

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Villa Laurence


Location 132, rue de la Chapelle, Laurier-Station, QC, G0S 1N0

The Villa Laurence is a residence for seniors of 71 units. It welcomes autonomous elderly or seniors with a slight loss of autonomy (semi-autonomous) who seek a long-term place, a short stay or a convalescence. La Villa Laurence is located in the town of Laurier-Station in …

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Manoir de Villebon


Location 1300, chemin de la Canardière, Maizerets, Québec, QC, G1J 5M2

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Manoir de la Rive, Terrebonne


Location 80, rue Saint-Joseph, Terrebonne, QC, J6W 2Y3

Manoir de la Rive is a private residence for seniors. This seniors' retirement home is located in the beautiful city of Terrebonne.

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Les Résidences Labrie


Location 465, Avenue Chapleau, Saint-Pascal, QC, G0L 3Y0

Les Résidences Labrie are private residences for seniors. The clientele is made up of autonomous or semi-autonomous elderly people, Alzheimer's or other cognitive loss, short stay, convalescence. Located in the heart of the beautiful region of Kamouraska, discover this residence for seniors with spacious units, well …

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Manoir de Courville


Location 2002, boulevard des Chutes, Beauport, Québec, QC, G1C 8A7

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Les Résidences des Chênes


Location 5400, avenue de Nicolet, Grand-Mère, Shawinigan, QC, G9N 4T3

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