About us

The story of a great digital innovation for the benefit of seniors.

"The search for a senior's residence must be a positive and enjoyable experience."
Sara Girard, President

The starting point

Following our grandmother's transition to a more advanced stage of Alzheimer's, we had to find her a place in a private senior's residence. Concerned about her well-being, we wanted to find the best environment for her.

How to find yourself among hundreds of residences and above all, did we make the right choice? No online resources offered neutral information as well as a complete online directory for our search. That's when the idea of ​​developing a web platform came to us. Our family roots of entrepreneurs pushed us to follow things through and set up a unique and powerful search engine.

Philippe and Sara Girard - brother and sister

"Having lived the search process, makes us very sensitive to the importance of choosing a living environment."
Philippe Girard, Cofounder

The realization of an idea

After months of work and preparation, Sara, Philippe and their cousin Pierre-Alexandre associate themselves to found the Bonjour Residences company. The platform is online in November 2016.

Since then, Bonjour Residences has continued to innovate technologically to help seniors and their loved ones in their search for a senior housing. The development of its digital product makes it possible to serve the entire province quickly.

With the growth of the industry, thousands of customers are speeding up their searches every day with our service. Unique in North America, our web platform lists all Quebec residences listed in the MSSS register, without exception.

"I am happy to be able to bring my artistic and technological contribution to seniors."
Pierre-Alexandre St-Laurent, Cofounder
et spécialiste en marketing web

Bonjour Residences, in constant evolution since 2016

November - Online launch of the v1.0 site

It's the start !
November 2016
January - Implementation of a customer service
January 2017
June - Redesign of the database
June 2017
October - Development of an online request system
October 2017
January - Deployment v2.0 - Launching the Urgent Relocation Service
January 2018
July - Implementation of the residence' classification Algorithm
July 2018
January - Search tools optimization
January 2019
February - Hiring the 10th employee
February 2019
Autumn - Deploying v3.0 with exclusive content

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