Urgent Relocation: available places in residence for seniors

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The decision to move in a residence sometimes requires that the search process be accelerated. For many Quebecers, it is necessary to find a residence for seniors quickly, because of a of the caregiver exhaustion, impossible home support, a quick loss of autonomy, isolation, etc. Moving to seniors' residences is an important transition period in a senior's life. Even more if you need to find a place in residence quickly .


Our Bonjour Résidences service

With our help, find easily and for free the seniors' residence that best suits your needs, everywhere in Quebec. Our simple and free support service has been put in place to help seniors and their loved ones simplify their process of finding a home. We know everything about residences; their service offers, prices and availability. We have the team and the expertise to quickly direct you to the appropriate residences (for autonomous , semi-autonomous , cognitive loss / Alzheimer or non-autonomous ). With more than 2000 registered residences, Bonjour Résidences.com is the research tool per excellence to find your future living environment.


Urgent Relocation

Our " Urgent Relocation " service allows you to find a residence for seniors that meets your needs in a short time. This free service simplifies the search for accommodation by simultaneously sending the request to all residences corresponding to the profile of the person to be lodged. Our Urgent Relocation service offers residents of Quebec the opportunity to find, without the help of a counselor, a residence that truly meets their needs. Our technology allows us to know real-time availability in residences, which speeds up the processing of your file. With our help, a relocation can be done in as little as a few hours!

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We are 100% independent, do not operate residences and serve all of Quebec. We display and list all residences, without exception. Bonjour Résidences is there for you throughout the process. You can follow the progress of your request in real time in your Account, by consulting your online file .


Visit our Urgent Relocation page to enlighten you on the operation of this free service.


How does the application process work?

  1. You fill out the form and receive a call from us to validate the information.
  2. We launch your research at the residences corresponding to your needs.
  3. Residences contact you within hours of submitting your request.
  4. You evaluate the offers which are proposed to you and visit the residences according to your preferences.
  5. You sign the lease and you move in your new home !


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