Relocation : moving in a retirement home.

Steps to move in senior residence


Moving to a retirement home is a big step in a lifetime. To make sure the process goes well, you have to know how to plan the relocation and especially do not rush anything.


"The most efficient way to move is to think of keeping only what will be essential to everyday life in the future apartment: sleeping, eating, etc. Everything else is potentially unnecessary. "

-Thalya Garnier, social worker at Go Clinic, who offers geriatric services at home


Start by analyse the relocation to the seniors’ residences in 6 steps.

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18 months before relocation : Spring cleaning!

By giving back to your loved ones the objects that belong to them, it's a great way to start the process smoothly. It will then become easier to select duplicates and obsolete items to complete the more rigorous selection.


12 months before: To Sort out

The time has come to sort your property. Divide your objects into 2 categories: essential and obsolete. Sold them or give them to the church according to the state of the material.


Or involve your grandchildren in the process by asking them to add your items to an online sale sites or by organizing a garage sale!


10 months before: Family patrimony

Organize a family dinner and offer your loved ones objects that can not follow you in the residence to give them a second life. Thus, you will keep your precious memories without cluttering your new home. A beautiful inheritance of the family patrimony! Your furniture can be refreshed, an antique will serve as a souvenir, an inheritance for your grandson who goes to university, etc.



8 months before: Minimize

Many objects that are dear to you will unfortunately not be able to follow you. By taking pictures of these objects, you will allow the attached memories to live in residence despite their absence. In the best of all worlds, ask your little techno girl help who will create with pleasure a digital photo album!


6 months before : For Sale

It’s time to  sell furniture and appliances that can be used by someone else to make a little money.

Your grandson has cell phone glued by hand? Make him useful by taking pictures of your items and adding them to known sales sites. It could even be his summer salary!


1 month before: Fill your moving boxes

Pack your everyday items that will move in with you;  kitchen tools, picture frames, small pieces of furniture, decorative accessories, electronic equipment, clothing, etc.

The residence is waiting for you, it's time to move on to another stage!


Good move!