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The decision to move in a retirement home for seniors sometimes requires that the research process is accelerated. If you are looking for a residence for a loved one or for yourself, Bonjour Residences can quickly help you find retirement homes for seniors who suit your needs.

Our free urgent relocation service offers all the residences, no matter the region of research in Quebec. From Gatineau to the Gaspé Peninsula., passing by Val d'Or and the Mauricie region

Receive emails and calls from retirement homes only minutes after sending your request. Schedule visits within hours, and sign your lease in no time. Some of our clients move as quickly than 2 days * after applying for Urgent Relocation!

* Service fees are covered by private seniors' residences. Based on real cases. Time may vary from one request to another, depending on the reception conditions and availability in residences.
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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs about Urgent Relocation

A: Absolutely. Bonjour Residences can help you find a retirement home quickly, even if you feel that your request is not urgent. If you are thinking or considering moving in a retirement home for seniors in the course of the next year, please send us your request, we will gladly help you in your research.
A: First, at Bonjour Residences, our main goal is to list all retirement homes for seniors available in Quebec, whether they are large, small, luxurious, simple, well rated or not. Thus, when we help the clients in their research for a residence, we offer them a realistic and complete portrait of the possibilities available for them. They can make an informed choice, knowing that they have covered all the options available .
A: Bonjour Residences is a private company with the objective of facilitating the process of finding a retirement home for seniors. Like you, we went through this difficult process, and wished to help the community by developing a simple and powerful tool that would ease the process.
A: The urgent relocation service being a referencing service, fees are covered by the private seniors' residences network who pays commission fees when signing a lease.
A: For our fast & efficient service, our provincial coverage, the excellence of our business processes, and especially, for our innovation and our common desire to improve the industry.
A: Parce que Bonjour Résidences est une entreprise 100% indépendante, qui n’opère pas de résidences pour aînés et qui dessert tout le Québec. Nous affichons et répertorions toutes les résidences privées, sans exception.

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