Do you know all the seniors residence advantages?


It must be admitted, the term "residence" sounded rather moribund there are still a few years. However, the area of ​​seniors housing has evolved considerably and can now boast dynamic living environments that are perfectly adapted to the needs of retirees.

If you start considering the sale of your home to direct you into residence, you are surely aware of the different options available to you. But do you know all the benefits of retirement homes?

Fun and socializing, while being at home

A large proportion of people seeking a residence have lived in large families. Therefore, many fear loneliness and wish to feel surrounded. Retirement homes are designed to meet this need because they allow them to live in a real community.

The different activities available bring those who share common interests closer together, but beyond that, meeting people of the same generation helps to create a real social fabric.

Simplicity and freedom of action

The residences for retirees allow you to meet in groups for leisure or meals while having an intimate home, arranged and decorated according to your tastes. You are free to modulate your days according to your lifestyle and the level of activity that suits you.

In addition, by freeing yourself from a number of tasks, this type of hosting simplifies many aspects of your life. Going on a trip? No need to worry about the mail or ask the neighbor to mow the lawn. Tailor-made retirement home services can really make life easier for you!

Scalable services at your fingertips

New retirees often have no special needs, but it is reassuring to know that services and care will be available under the same roof if the need arises. During a convalescence, for example, residents can receive the care necessary to recover.

Housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation or medical services, having access to all this without moving is a great plus!

The security aspect of residential living is also an important advantage. With CCTV systems, skilled 24-hour personnel, as well as heat and smoke detectors, residents often enjoy greater peace of mind than their homes offer.

A market that adapts to its clientele

study by the Regroupement québécois des residences for seniors showed that 95% of the people who live there say they are very satisfied with their choice. It also shows that 97% feel safe and 95% feel they can freely lead their lives.

Times are changing and the housing market is becoming more and more adapted to the needs of pensioners. The new buildings offer adapted formulas and attractive environments that allow you to fully enjoy this period of life!