The main groups of retirement homes in Quebec

Biggest groups of residences in Quebec


Retirement home groups have taken an unprecedented scale in recent years in Quebec. These residences, which sometimes look like luxury hotels, are more and more popular with Quebecers, and with good reason! Many people want to live there to enjoy the benefits they offer.


The retirement homes in Quebec : a market in expansion

In Quebec, the demand of the aging population for residences continues to grow. Fortunately, many real estate developers and family businesses are working hard to build the best facilities for seniors. This group includes larger players. Here are the 7 largest groups of seniors' residences.


Sélection Retraite

Sélection Retraite is the second largest group of seniors' residences in Quebec, with 42 residences and 3 others currently under construction. It serves approximately 10,000 tenants and employs more than 3,500 people who do everything to implement the group's vision.


Aiming to raise the bar, their modern facilities offer a range of services at the cutting edge of technology. You will be delighted to cohabit in one of their residences where to live is synonymous with luxury and where every resident finds his home.

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Groupe Savoie

The Savoie Group and its owner, Eddy Savoie, are true pioneers in the field of retirement homes. You probably know Les Résidences Soleil, which brings together 14 institutions across Quebec. The Savoie family develops, builds, operates, manages and is the sole owner of all of its residences for seniors in Quebec. One of their priorities is that residents and employees be just as proud as they are to be part of this great family!

At the same time accessible and convivial, Groupe Savoie is above all, a family business that prioritizes the quality of life and the safety of its residents. In addition, the large spaces of their facilities contain several types of entertainment for all tastes.


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Cogir Immobilier

For its part, the residences COGIR are a division of the company COGIR Immobilier which specializes in private residences for seniors. The group manages 40 residences in several regions of Quebec, Ontario and the United States.

Directed towards the human, towards the seniors, to make it a true vocation, the dwelling in a residence Cogir is embellished by a wide range of services. The group aims to forge trust with the residents and their families. Food, activites and care are at the rendezvous to please everyone.

Cogir Immobilier also offers multi-service centers, made available to residents, where you can find several professionals from various fields.


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Chartwell Group

The Chartwell Group no longer needs an introduction. It is unequivocally the largest developer of seniors' residences in Canada with more than 185 residences across the country, including 43 in Quebec, counting more than 25,000 units.


Advocating for the well-being of its residents, Chartwell serves a diverse clientele. Whether you are an independent, semi-autonomous or in loss of autonomy, you will certainly find a nice living environment among their locations that will suit all your needs.


The group is also partnering with Dream of a Lifetime Canada, an initiative that helps seniors to pursue and achieve their dreams.


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Maurice Group

Established in 1998, the Maurice Group is another player in the residency community that does not require an introduction. You have probably already seen one of their many ads, isn’t it ? Note that the Maurice Group currently has more than 30 residences in the province and several other complexes under construction.

Retired people live in a social and comfortable environment. Always at the forefront of innovation, the group conveys its vision through the many activities offered in their establishments. It must be said, life in a residence of Maurice Group is a life of action, but especially passion!


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Champlain Group

Care, respect and dignity are the main values ​​of this group, which brings together 13 long-term care centers (CHSLDs) located in 9 regions of the province. The Champlain Group offers to residents with a loss of autonomy, quality care in a respectful environment governed by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS).

Nearly 2,000 employees and specialists work to make life better for seniors who are losing their independence.

The Champlain Group is one of the largest groups of CHSLDs in Quebec.


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Vigi Santé

Like the Champlain Group, Vigi Santé - a family business - specializes in CHSLDs, with 15 retirement homes in Quebec. The group offers residents with a loss of autonomy a stimulating and active living environment to contribute to their development despite health problems or disabilities.

The organization advocates an interdisciplinary approach to health to meet all the needs of their residents. Several specialists are on hand to treat and provide support to seniors.

Vigi Santé's CHSLDs all received the highest distinction (Accredited with honors) from Accreditation Canada in 2014.


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How to choose the best retirement home for your needs?

As you have seen, many groups in Quebec offer a variety of services. They are also aimed at diversified clienteles and that is why it is important to be well informed before making your choice. If you are ready to move to a seniors' residence, we invite you to contact a qualified member of our team. We will be pleased to assist you in your research.


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