Research process steps for a retirement home


Living in a retirement home is a positive experience for many residents when the research process has been donne effectively before. When family members learn that one of their parents must leave the family home to move in a retirement home, many are wondering where to start and what options are available?

Autonomous or semi-autonomous persons have to do by themselves all the necessary steps to find a place in a retirement home in the private network. Whether to live in a safer environment,  to free themselves of everyday tasks that have become too demanding or access more services at the same place, this process requires planning. Do not hesitate to consult available senior resources to make the right decision. The services offered in each retirement home vary from one institution to another and this is why it is very important to identify your needs before the beginning of your researches.

But first of all, before starting your researches, you should be able to answer the following basic questions :

1.Determine in which city you want to live

  • Is the district close to your family?

  • Are businesses close enough to your retirement home?

2. Write a list of services and activities you want to do in your retirement home.

  • Depending on your needs, what services are available and suitable for you

  • Could you do your favorite activities in this retirement home?

  • Does the retirement home offers shuttle bus?

3. What are your specific needs or which needs will be needed to maintain a good quality of life?

  • What is your level of autonomy?

  • Can your health condition evolve in a short or medium term?

4. Determine a budget which will be possible to honor over several years.

  • What apartment size do you need?

  • What types of care will you need in the long term?

5. To avoid any surprises, write a personal questions list, for example:

  • Can I bring my furniture?

  • Will I have kitchenette?

  • Can I keep my pet?

  • Are the health care services close to the retirement home?

  • Which services are included in the monthly rental price?

Once your criteria determined and your retirement home selected, take the time to visit it, unexpectedly, to validate your choice. This way, you will make sure to live a typical day and will see by yourself the atmosphere that reigns there. You will then be able to confirm if this residence suits you or not.