10 activity ideas in senior home while in retirement

activity ideas in senior home


To fully enjoy retirement, many private seniors' residences offer fun activities that can suit everyone's tastes and abilities; movie nights, billiards, choir, social dancing, painting, aqua fitness, yoga, just to name a few. Some residences have on-site recreation managers, facilitators or staff who can assist you in your hobbies. Here are the top 10 hobbies to occupy your free time in residence, or at home for some of them.


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1. Aqua fitness


Aqua fitness activity takes place in a pool in shallow water. A very interesting activity to keep fit, since it involves several muscles of the arms and legs through targeted exercises. Aqua fitness improves strength and provides cardiovascular and muscular benefits. An instructor follows you and teaches you exercises that will increase or decrease the degree of difficulty.


Find the complete list of residences with an outdoor or indoor pool. Please take note that aqua fitness is not automatically offered to all residences that have a swimming pool.



2. Carpentry and woodworking workshop


If you are a carpentry enthusiast, you will enjoy to participate in workshops offered in residence! You will be able to make several artistic projects, by developing new techniques in carpentry and socialize with the other residents who participate.


Thus, for the senior who had a carpentry workshop at home, he can find back his passion, even in residence. Check out residences in Quebec offering carpentry and woodworking workshops.



3. Yoga


Adapted yoga for seniors includes gentle stretching, breathing, relaxation and centering exercises. Therapeutic yoga for seniors is adapted to each person's physical abilities. Normally, groups are formed from 8 to 14 people and classes are taught by qualified yoga teachers. According to the Government of Canada, yoga helps to keep muscles and bones stronger and prevent bone loss. It also improves balance and posture.


To learn more about retirement homes offering this activity, visit our directory.



4. Social dance 


Social dance is excellent for relaxing and especially having fun. It is also an opportunity to meet new people. It stimulates cognitive functions because you have to learn a choreography. Dance is also an activity that promotes balance and prevents falls.


Find residences with social dance classes everywhere in Quebec. You could learn different dances such as: swing, rock, tango, viennese waltz, salsa, etc.



5. Soft gymnastics and relaxation 


What is soft gymnastics ? It's very simple, it's about stretching based on slow movements. It's a great way to stay active without being exhausted. In addition to preserving physical health, soft gymnastics can help motor skills, relax and strengthen muscles. It is also a place of exchanges and meetings, since classes are held in groups. This activity is not aimed at performance, but rather adapts to the abilities of each person. Also, the practice of soft gymnastics brings benefits psychologically because breathing exercises accompany the activity, to resolve tensions, which increases the feeling of well-being.


For a list of residences offering soft gymnastics classes.



6. Painting classes


What's better than painting classes to express our creativity? There are courses for all levels from beginner to advanced, oil, acrylic, pastel or drawing, surprise yourself to discover your talents!


By consulting the website of your municipality, you can check the cultural workshops that are proposed.



7. Volunteering


Many community organizations are looking for volunteers to get involved in the community and share their knowledge with others. It is a beautiful source of fulfillment and happiness. According to the executive director of the Federation of Volunteer Centers of Quebec, "a person can choose a volunteer activity to highlight skills that they have not been able to use in their professional life, such as their ability to organize activities, events or to solve problems. It is also a great opportunity to develop new ones and make discoveries about yourself ".



8. Pet therapy


Pet therapy, or animal assisted therapy, is used for therapeutic purposes for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. It is not a cure for diseases, but a therapy that improves the psychological and physiological well-being of those who benefit from it.


Animals can awaken the space of a moment, joy and comfort in seniors ! Look for a seniors' residence that offers on-site pet therapy.



9. Gardening


This is the opportunity to garden, during beautiful summer days by planting flowers or seeds to obtain a vegetable garden. This activity allows you to get closer to nature, relax and harvest your own fruits and vegetables.


Gardening has many virtues and allows us to enjoy the good air! Would you like to do this activity? Check out now all the residences with a vegetable garden.



10. Hammam or sauna session


Finally, if you are looking for a relaxing activity, why not try the hammam or sauna?


The hammam is a steam room that produces a temperature of about 42 to 45ºC, which is much lower than the sauna that produces a dry heat of 80 to 90ºC. The hammam and sauna help eliminate toxins and promote sleep. These are also good ways to relax.


Find the residences that have a hammam or a sauna.


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