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In Gaspésie Îles-de-la-Madeleine, the available offer for seniors retirement home is very diversified. Accessibility to many hospitals as well as the proximity of specialized care services and public and private CHSLDs facilitates access to various health services, including accessibility to a family doctor. The average price of rent for an apartment in an assisted living in Gaspésie Îles-de-la-Madeleine is $ 1,515. It includes, among others, an independent living clientele, assisted living and people with cognitive losses, such as Alzheimer or requiring Long-Term care.

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Résidence Arc-en-Ciel, Longueuil

820, terrasse Decelles, Longueuil, QC

The Residence '' Arc-en-ciel '' is a family residence for 17 years. The residence offers room and board with indefinite lease, it also offers the possibility of short period, either convalescence or rest if room available.

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Price starting at1000$ / mois

Manoir Fleury, L'Île-Perrot

431, 24e avenue, L'Île-Perrot, QC

The residence Manoir Fleury is a private residence for seniors. This retirement home of 14 units is located in the beautiful city of Île-Perrot. The residence Manoir Fleury offers warm and friendly lifestyle based on respect, security and excellent care provided to our residents. Manoir Fleury ...

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Price starting at2200$ / mois

Résidence La Vie est belle

1170, chemin du Fleuve, Les Cèdres, QC

Certified residency for resident with the ability to control all facet of their lives and decreasing autonomy person , temporary assistance service. The residence offers to the residents the atmosphere and peaceful comfort of a family environment, as well as hours of unlimited visits which encourages the ...

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Price starting at1500$ / mois

Manoir du Bon Conseil

97, rue Éllice, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC

Located in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, the Manoir du Bon Conseil seniors' residence welcomes independent and semi-autonomous individuals. The Manoir du Bon Conseil is the ideal place to live in a country setting! The family and warm atmosphere of this residence will please you. The residence of 9 places ...

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Price starting at1300$ / mois

Résidence Entre Deux Monts

3011, rue Principale, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, QC

Life doesn’t stop to astonish us by its challenges, its joys, sadness, hopes and growing older cannot escape this fact either; it is a step we have to submit and embrace in respecting ones physical and cognitive capacities. Going through this adventure along with competent ...

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Price starting at1325$ / mois

Résidence Meilleur

3205, rue Meilleur, Brossard, QC

Meilleur Residence is a certified private residence for the elderly (RPA). The Résidence Meilleur welcomes autonomous, semi-autonomous, non-autonomous elders with physical or intellectual disabilities. The Résidence also hosts the elderly with cognitive losses. Accommodation options for short stays or convalescents are also an accommodation option offered ...

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Price starting at1900$ / mois

Le District Aylmer


55, Impasse Lady Colborne, Gatineau, QC

Le District is the New York lifestyle at 7 minutes from downtown Ottawa, where all the modern commodities are available to independent retired looking for luxury in a stylish, urban and exclusive living environment. No daily hassles or heavy chores, our retired are kings and queens ...

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Price starting at1950$ / mois

Résidence Charlesbourg

4220, rue d'Orsainville, Québec, QC

The Résidence Charlesbourg is a residence for autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors. It welcomes retired persons requiring a long-term place or a period of convalescence.

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Price starting at1500$ / mois

Aux Jardins Des Lilas

1530, chemin des Coteaux, Farnham, QC

Nous disposons de bracelet urgence pour les résidants désirant se sentir en toute sécurité dans chacune des pièces de la maison ainsi qu'a l'extérieur de la demeure. nos bracelet sont relié a une central interne allant jusqu’à 150 pieds a l'extérieur des ...

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Price starting at950$ / mois

Manoir Céleste

1075, place Joseph-Tassé, Laval, QC

Located in Laval, the retirement home Manoir Céleste includes 9 units.

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Price starting at1900$ / mois

Pavillon au Coeur du Bourg

Groupe Logisco

7500, avenue Thomas-Baillairgé, Québec, QC

La résidence pour aînés autonomes et semi-autonomes le Pavillon au Cœur du Bourg est située au cœur de Charlesbourg. Reliée au CLSC La Source par une passerelle communicante, la résidence offre une tranquillité d’esprit grâce aux soins infirmiers de première ligne. En plus d'être ...

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Price starting at1250$ / mois

Résidence des Boulevards - Campus Rachel

Horizon Gestion de Résidences

310, rue Rachel Est, Montréal, QC

The Résidence des Boulevards - Campus Rachel welcomes autonomous and semi-autonomous people and resident with Alzheimer or other cognitive loss. The Résidence des Boulevards - Campus Rachel is located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal. This retirement home gives personalized cares with exceptional services while offering them ...

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Price starting at1670$ / mois

Château Pierrefonds

15928, boulevard Gouin Ouest, Montréal, QC

Chateau Pierrefonds is a prestigious residence for semi-autonomous seniors whose charm is unequalled in the West Island of Montreal. Known for its family atmosphere and its unique opportunity to indulge in a wide variety of activities, Château Pierrefonds’ nursing home offers its seniors with diminishing autonomy ...

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Price starting at2600$ / mois

Pavillon des Mille-Îles

436, rue St-Louis, Terrebonne, QC

Located in Terrebonne, the residence for the elderly Pavilion des Mille Iles has 61 places of residence accommodation and is aimed at an Autonomous, Retired and Semi-Autonomous clientele. The Pavillon des Mille Iles seniors' residence offers several adapted services such as: bathing assistance, cleaning, personal support ...

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Price starting at2600$ / mois

Manoir Pierrefonds


18465, boulevard Gouin Ouest, Montréal, QC

The Manoir Pierrefonds is located on the banks of the Rivière des Prairies, completely renovated, complex for autonomous and semi-autonomous retired seniors. Numerous services are available to the resident, including resto bar, cinema and gym, entertainment and more.... The Manoir Pierrefonds offers tranquility in a safe ...

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Price starting at1400$ / mois

La Voisinière Rivière-du-Loup

1, rue Antonio-Paradis, Rivière-du-Loup, QC

La Voisinière Rivière-du-Loup is a private residence for seniors located in the beautiful city of Rivière du Loup. The residence offers you an innovative concept. It is suitable for semi-autonomous seniors. The residence also welcomes autonomous seniors. Near the residence you will find several services (bank ...

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Price starting at1625$ / mois

L'Oasis Saint-Damien

65, route Saint-Gérard, Saint-Damien-de-Buckland, QC

The Oasis St-Damien Located in St-Damien de Bellechasse (52 km or half an hour away from Lévis), our non-profit seniors' home offers the opportunity to live an active life in retirement. Do you want to live in a friendly environment where everyone cares for one another ...

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Price starting at1400$ / mois

Résidence Marie-Michel II

2101, boulevard Cournoyer, Sorel-Tracy, QC

Our residence is specialized and attentive so that the residents become familiar with their new home, the other residents and the staff. We give the opportunity to be attentive and give the needs adapted to each of them.

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Price starting at700$ / mois

CHSLD Résidence l'Éden de Laval

8528, boulevard Lévesque Est, Laval, QC

CHSLD Résidence Éden de Laval is a private seniors' retirement home. This seniors' residence of 152 units, offers its residents single rooms and double rooms (beds in CHSLD Private and beds in CHSLD with service agreement with the CISSS de Laval). Residents of the Résidence Éden ...

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Price starting at3500$ / mois

Villa Ste-Rose

319, boulevard Marc-Aurèle-Fortin, Laval, QC

La Villa Ste-Rose est une résidence privée avec soins pour aînés semi-autonomes et en perte d’autonomie ainsi que pour ceux présentant des déficits cognitifs. La résidence comprend 108 suites et studios. La nouvelle construction répond au plus strict respect des dernières normes du code du ...

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Price starting at2800$ / mois

Résidence Sherbrooke

267, rue Sherbrooke, Beaconsfield, QC

The Rise & Shine N.S.C residence welcomes autonomous, semi-autonomous elders, with Parkinson's disease, with Alzheimer's and cognitive losses, with mental health, with physical or intellectual deficit, for a short stay or a convalescence. The residence Rise & Shine offers you all the comfort of ...

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Price starting at1700$ / mois

Résidence Daniela

179, rue Radisson, Longueuil, QC

The Residence Daniela is a private residence for seniors (RPA) located on the South Shore of Montreal, more precisely in Longueuil. It is close to several shops and restaurants. The Residence Daniela welcomes a variety of clients, such as autonomous people, those with autonomy (semi-autonomous), those ...

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Price starting at1175$ / mois

Résidence Marie-André

272, rue Gosselin, Saint-Jérôme, QC

Résidence Marie-Andrée is a private residence for seniors. This retirement home welcomes, in its 13 units, autonomous elderly along with seniors with a slight loss of autonomy (semi-autonomous). The Résidence Marie-Andrée offers all its residents a living environment offering comfort, well-being and safety, all in a ...

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Price starting at1700$ / mois

Les Jardins de l'Aubade

6553, Place Beaubien, Montréal, QC

Living in the city close to all services and in a peaceful environment it's now a reality! Our care, the qualified staff and many other amenities are available to you in the comfort of your own home. These are just some example of what we ...

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Price starting at1125$ / mois

Résidence des Franciscains

305, rue des Franciscains, Québec, QC

The Residence des Franciscains is located in the Montcalm area of ​​the Upper Town of Quebec. It is a private residence for the elderly (RPA) and it welcomes several clienteles such as semi-autonomous persons, those with Alzheimer's disease and cognitive loss, people with Parkinson's ...

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Price starting at2900$ / mois

Résidence Beau Lieu

3450, chemin Royal, Québec, QC

The Beau Lieu residence is located in the heart of the Giffard district. It offers accommodation, personal care and social activities at an affordable cost in a friendly environment. The residence comprises 32 units designed for people with loss of autonomy, palliative care or convalescence. It ...

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Price starting at1750$ / mois

Résidence de l'Île


223, rue Saint-Rédempteur, Gatineau, QC

Central pillar of the history of the island of Hull. The Résidence de L'Île is an ideal living environment for retired seniors, offering all the coveted services of a residence. The Château de l'Île is adjacent to the Résidence de l'Île, and comprises ...

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Price starting at1334$ / mois

La Villa Bellevue

2240, boulevard Guillaume-Couture, Lévis, QC

Residing at La Villa Bellevue means offering a dynamic, warm and safe living environment. It is also surrounded by a devoted, professional and caring care team. The residence offers 37 rooms for people with loss of autonomy linked to aging. We welcome people with a slight ...

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Price starting at1000$ / mois

Résidence Les Jardins de Montarville

155, rue de Muy, Boucherville, QC

Unique en Montérégie, Les Jardins de Montarville est la première résidence spécialisée pour les aînés atteints de la maladie d’Alzheimer où ils peuvent circuler librement dans leur milieu de vie sans aucune restriction. La résidence se distingue par son approche humaniste et évolutive. Elle propose ...

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Price starting at2250$ / mois

Résidence Le Parc

7930, boulevard Viau, Montréal, QC

The Residence Le Parc is a private residence for seniors. This residence in the Saint-Léonard neighborhood of Montreal welcomes retired people who are autonomous and have lost their autonomy (semi-autonomous). People who require a short term stay and / or convalescence and Alzheimer's and cognitive loss ...

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Price starting at1495$ / mois

To operate a private seniors' residence (RPP), a certificate of compliance must be issued by the Department of Health and Social Services. A private seniors' residence is a rental housing building for seniors 65 years of age and over. In addition to providing room and board rental, RPAs offer a variety of services such as meal service, life support service, nursing, domestic help and more.