Pickleball: new popular sport of retirees!

Seniors couple who play pickleball

Have you seen the pickleball courts that are settling little by little in some retirement homes of Quebec? Pickleball is the new played sport, within the retired population, here is why ...


An activity that is beginning to be known

If you've never heard the word pickleball, you're not alone! Although this activity has existed since 1965, it was not until 2008 that it was imported here, in Quebec. The Quebec Pickleball Federation of Quebec has barely existed for 9 years and helps promote this sport in different regions and municipalities.


What is pickleball?

Pickleball is the pleasant cross between tennis in the way it is played, badminton for the dimensions of the court (20 'x 44') and ping-pong due to the shape of the racket used. As for the ball, it is made of plastic with holes, like the one used in cosom hockey. A very interesting mix, because pickleball combines all the advantages of each of these sports. You can play it both outside and inside, on a ground provided for this purpose.


The goal of the game is to send the ball into the opposing part of the field, without the other player being able to return it. The first to win 11 points, with 2 points difference wins the game. The rules are similar to tennis and badminton, so it's very easy for everyone to play.


Why is pickleball so popular with seniors?

Suitable for everyone, pickleball is less difficult on the knees, elbows and muscles, as the court is smaller than in tennis. This activity therefore requires less running to return the ball. Active seniors will certainly find their happiness in the exercise of this sport for several other reasons:


Excellent fitness sport

Requires less power than tennis

Improves cardiovascular endurance

Good way to form friendships

Possibility of being part of a group



One of the first retirement homes in Quebec to have an outdoor pickleball court is the brand new Sélection Retraite Terrebonne. Rent a unit at Sélection Retraite Terrebonne and be part of the residence league! 


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