Orderlies : An essential resource in retirement home

Beneficiary attendant assist senior in an intermediate resource.

Orderlies working in retirement home are employees of great importance to the seniors well-being. They contribute to their convalescence or help them to maintain patient’s health in a safe environment. All day long, orderlies ensure a caring presence among elders by helping them with physical tasks as get up, get dressed, to eat, and go to bed for example.  


An arduous job

Orderlies objective always remains the same : make sure to answer to the basic seniors needs. They provide patients with the appropriate care and respect their dignity.  


An assistance in health care facilities diploma is needed for this profession. It represents 750 hours of work during around 6 months in care unit or residences where students learn to provide care, assistance and services related to the needs of a patient of any age with any disease.


Values that are important to them

Orderlies working in retirement home usually choose this living environment because they love the authenticity of their job, the privileged links they can develop with their patients and and especially the possibility to be fully realized each day. Would you like to live in a nursing home with care? Fill out this accommodation request.


An alarming shortage

Unfortunately, we are presently experiencing a labor shortage.  In order to counter this plague, the CIUSSS of Quebec tried to implant a pilot project which consisted to offer a 5 weeks accelerated training, 2 weeks of theorical class and 3 weeks of pairing with an employee at a workplace. But unfortunately, it had been abandoned for lack of interest.


Today's challenge for all retirement home in Quebec is the retention of competent staff as salaries offered in private sector are often lower than those offered in the public sector. Many people are working on this issue, including the government, which is trying to provide adequate support to these workers who look after our seniors well-being.


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