Taking the decision in family to move in senior home

Family and senior

Moving in a retirement home is always an important moment in a person's life. This decision brings with it, a period of questioning whether for the senior or the family. However, family and friends can make the transition happen in a more positive way.


My parents can no longer support themselves

As you get older, your parents' needs may be higher because of their health and you need find them a residence to ensure their safety. People might experience fear of causing conflict or anxiety to their parents. However, by remaining positive and assist your parents gently, it is possible to engage the discussion and to show to your parents everything that residences can offer! 


Initiate the discussion

Communication is very important, so you need to have regular discussions to bring the subject. If you engage in such a discussion early and empathically, the term seniors' home will be less scary when the need for moving will happen. Instead of talking about a problem such as "You have to go to a retirement home", you can talk about your concerns: "I'm worried and I'm scared for your safety". This approach can facilitate discussion. Remember the reason why your parents should moved in residence (well-being, security, socialization, etc.). When making decisions, reassure your parent by confirming that nothing will be decided without considering his opinion. 


Visit the different seniors' residences with them

First of all, some seniors may be afraid to move into a seniors' residence, so it's really important to introduce them to this new environment in order to become more familiar with it. In addition, they may be reticent to move in residence, because of the costs that it represents, it is therefore essential to make a budget with them. On the opposite, it is possible that your parents be very happy to move in residence.

During your visits, you can check what are the hobbies, facilities, services and care offered. You may be surprised to see all that residences can offer to seniors! Reassure them that you will visit them often in residence.

In a specialized and adapted setting, seniors often feel safer ... no meals to prepare ... or cleaning to do ... many retirement homes offer all-inclusive packages for peace of mind!

Consult our online directory of private residences for seniors in Quebec and start your visits.

Being there, during and after the move

Once your parents have made the decision to move, it is very important to always be there and take into account the choices they make about their ideal residence. In fact, seniors experience a period of adjustment when they move to a residence. Thus, to help them with positivism will make the transition much easier.


A reminder of the benefits of living in residence

  1. Socialization: Some seniors who live alone at home may suffer from isolation and loneliness, while residences may provide a living environment that promotes the development of relationships with others. Socialization activities make it possible to integrate seniors and form new friendships.


  1. Safety: In the case of elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's, the risk of running away is higher and it is sometimes more and more difficult to control. Many retirement homes offer prosthetic units with coded doors to prevent such incidents.


  1. Peace of mind: the services offered in residence are numerous. In addition, all-inclusive packages are not uncommon. You will have access to 3 meals / day (no need to prepare meals), weekly housekeeping, bedding maintenance, clothing maintenance, etc. Also, depending on the residence and the type of clientele it hosts, many treatments can be administered.


  1. Activities: fitness rooms, movie theaters, libraries, billiard rooms, yoga classes, aquafitness ... here are just a few of the activities that can be offered to residents. Moreover, large residences often have hairdressing salons, beauty salons and on-site banking services. Consult the top 10 activity ideas that can be offered in residence.


Ready to start your research ?

Once you have determined whether you are ready to move to a residence, the next step is to find the right senior home. Bonjour Résidences offers a free search assistance service, all you need to do is complete an online accommodation request or call 1-844-918-1020