10 things to know about Bonjour Résidences platform

Bonjour Résidences search service to find a retirement home


Looking for a seniors' residence, but do not know where to start? Have peace of mind, the brand new Bonjour Résidences web platform is a must to find your future seniors residence. In this short article, you'll know how to find the perfect accommodation for you or a loved one and how to get the community's views on private homes for seniors.


A platform to find the right home for seniors

First and foremost, Bonjour Résidences has been designed to simplify the search for seniors' residences. Like you, we wanted the best for a parent and a loved one. However, with overworked schedules, waiting lists, stress and the diversity of seniors' residences , we have seen how long and difficult it is to make the right choice. That's when the idea of developing a web platform came to us. Bonjour Résidences is therefore designed for you, by people who have lived the same process. In fact, it's the solution you've been waiting for. Need an urgent place in residence, apply for accommodation here .


The 10 things to know about Bonjour Résidences, your residence search tool for seniors

  1. Simple registration : users of all categories and ages can register easily on Bonjour Résidences. It is possible to create your personal account from some information, then to connect later. Moreover, it is even easier to log in using your Facebook account!
  2. Free tool from beginning to end for users : Bonjour Residences is a completely free platform offered to all. The fees are covered by the network of private residences for seniors.
  3. Phone follow-up:  Bonjour Résidences offers a free phone tracking service throughout the process. You will be followed by a member of our knowledgeable customer service and attentive to your needs to find the right residence. Enjoy the comfort of your home by calling us at 1-844-918-1020 !
  4. One place to find everything: Bonjour Residences is the most complete platform in terms of retirement homes. You only have to use one tool and stop searching. Everything is there, from large private residences to specialized private residences.
  5. Urgent relocation: Thanks to our Urgent Relocation service, we can process your file as soon as we receive your request and quickly direct you to the appropriate residences. An accommodation request bearing the mention Urgent Relocation, passes priority among residences.
  6. Proximity and accessibility to residences: Bonjour Résidences has a huge network of residences for seniors, or even the largest in Quebec. We therefore have the opportunity to put you in direct contact with the representative of the residence of your choice. You will therefore speak to the right person if you have questions, want to have advice or want to make an appointment.
  7. Easy to navigate: Even if you are not used to the web, you will be able to find your retirement home according to your needs. In just a few clicks you can find all the information you are looking for. With the simplified search engine, you can specify your preferences based on specific criteria: unit type, price, services offered and more. The search results will be faithful to your needs.

  8. Detailed residence sheets: Having the right information on a retirement home helps to make a choice. You will be able to see prices, services, care, leisures, availabilities, etc., in more than 2000 residences in Quebec.

  9. Authentic reviews: In addition to all the important details about the residences, you will find on this platform the opinions of the community which evaluate the following criteria: cleanliness of the places, comfort of the rooms, quality of the food, atmosphere, kindness of the employees of the seniors' residence, etc. In addition, you can write yourself a review or comment about a residence that you or a loved one has experienced. Know that your opinion interests us and can help others in their search. Just visit the page bonjourresidences.com, then the home page and write your opinion, at the bottom, in the appropriate section.

  10. Educational articles : every month, get educational articles on various topics in the field on our blog. Stay tuned for news!


Do you have more questions about how Bonjour Résidences works?

Go to the FAQ page for answers or contact us at 1-844-918-1020. If you are looking for a residence, do not hesitate to fill out an accommodation request.