Senior Housing Options

Accommodation types for seniors


When it comes to choose a residence for retirees , it is easy to get lost. Indeed, the types of senior housing offered are numerous and each of them has its particularities. Finding the right place for your needs can quickly become a real headache. To help you in your search, Bonjour Résidences has prepared this article. It will allow you to demystify with simplicity the different types of accommodation for seniors. We will introduce each of them and the important points to consider that will allow you to better understand the differences !

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Private Seniors' Residence 

The private seniors' residence also known as RPA in french offers rooms or apartments, sometimes both, exclusively to seniors and retirees aged 65 and over. The management of this type of residence is done by a owner of the private network and not by the public network. However, to operate, the private residence must have a certificate of conformity issued by the MSSS.


This establishment can be residential complex for retirees or a small family residence. Depending on the care and services offered, established by the owner, the private residence for seniors will be suitable for autonomous and semi-autonomous retirees.


Take the example of Ms. Desjardins, who feels lonely at home and has mild cognitive loss , the ideal senior housing would be the private residence. Among the care that can be offered, it can be hygiene care, distribution of medicines or help with food. Some residences do not offer any services, in this case the residents consist only of autonomous residents.


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Intermediate Resource (IR)

The intermediate resource or IR is a living environment suitable for seniors with mild or moderate loss of autonomy who require more care (1 to 3 hours) than in a private residence. The IR network works with the CSSS through a service contract . It is a private and public management. More specifically, the public institution recruits the IR itself, refers them to seniors who need an accommodation and remains responsible from the quality of care and services offered. The care we find in an IR is mainly support and assistance.

Long-Term Care Nursing Home (CHSLD)

A long-term care nursing home (CHSLD) may be considered a private CHSLD (funded or unfunded) or a public CHSLD.


What are the differences between CHSLDs?

First, a CHSLD is a type of accommodation reserved for people who require more than 3 hours of care / day , that being said the residents are in great loss of autonomy at the functional and/or psychosocial levels . Continuing care is needed.


  • Private funded CHSLDs 

The owner is an individual but has signed an agreement with the public network. The services offered are identical to the public. Admission is made through the CSSS in your area.


  • Private unfunded CHSLDs

In the case of an unfunded private CHSLD, it is an exclusively private management, there is no agreement with the public. Prices and admission are made through the private network. However, it should be noted that quality control is the responsibility of CISSS territory.
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  • Public CHSLDs 

The public CHSLDs and the private funded CHSLDs are two types of accommodation that are very similar. In both cases, the institution is fully funded by the government and the financial contribution of the resident is established by the RAMQ. In the case of a public CHSLD, however, the building is owned and managed by the State. Admission is made through the CSSS in your area. Go to the MSSS website to be informed on the waiting lists in public CHSLDs .

Continuum of Care Retirement Homes

A continuum of care retirement home is a private residence for seniors. On the other hand, unlike the others, it has a CHSLD permit, so it can accommodate autonomous , semi-autonomous , but also non-autonomous and seniors in end-of-life. This type of senior housing has specific rooms for people who require more care. The resident can therefore stay at the same residence, no need to move if his state of health change.


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Cooperative housing (COOP)

According to the Quebec Confederation of Housing Cooperatives:


"A housing cooperative is a group of persons whose primary purpose is to facilitate the access of members to the ownership or use of a house or dwelling. It is a private, non-profit organization whose managers, the resident members, manage the business collectively to provide a healthy and safe living environment that meets the housing needs of individuals. ".


In other words, each resident participates in the decisions and organizing committees of the cooperative. This is why this accommodation is for seniors or retirees who are autonomous. Also know that in the cooperative, residents rent an apartment , which is generally of good quality and at prices below the market.

Housing NPO

Finally, a housing NPO is a corporation administered in part by local stakeholders for self-employed retirees. The latter are generally volunteers and manage the OBSL in partnership with retired people who live in the residence. This organization reduces the workload for residents while providing affordable housing that meets their needs. Although the administration of the building is community-based, this type of accommodation is usually created through government grants and often has a long waiting list .

Make it easy to find the right type of senior housing

We hope this article has enlightened you on the different types of accommodation that are available in Quebec and that your decision will be easier.


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