10 things to know about Bonjour Résidences


Looking for seniors’ residence, but do not know where to start? Keep your mind at ease, the brand new Bonjour Résidences Web site is a must to find your future elderly residence. In this short article you will know how to find the ideal accommodation for you or a loved one and how to get community ratings on private residences for the elderly.

A platform for finding the right residence for seniors

Above all, Bonjour Résidences was designed to simplify the search for seniors' homes. Like you, we wished the best for a parent and a loved one. However, with overloaded schedules, waiting lists, stress and the diversity of seniors' residences, we have noticed how long and painful it is to make the right choice. It was then that the idea of ​​developing a web platform came to us. Bonjour Résidences is therefore designed for you, by people who have experienced the same process. Actually, it is the solution you expected.

10 things to know about Bonjour Résidences, your seniors residence search tool.

  1. Simple registration : Users of all categories and all ages can register easily on Bonjour Résidences. It is possible to create a personal account from a few pieces of information, and then connect later. Moreover, it is even easier and easier to connect using your Facebook account!
  2. Free Tool : Bonjour Résidences is a completely free platform and offered to all. The goal is to help you find the right residence for seniors and leave your opinion on a residence.
  3. One place to find everything : Bonjour Résidences is the most complete platform in terms of residences for seniors. You just need to use one tool and stop the tedious search. Everything from private residences to specialized private residences.
  4. Detailed Residency Fact Sheets : Having the right information about an elderly residence is a great help in making a choice. In addition to all the important details about the residences, you will find on this platform opinions which evaluate the following criteria:
    • Cleanliness of the premises
    • Room comfort
    • Food quality
    • Ambience
    • Team’s Gentleness
    • Other important criteria
  5. All of our residences are located on : Our Web platform is so complete that it lists all the private residences in Quebec. In total, 1,846 residences certified by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services are registered.
  6. Knowing and sharing opinions : We would all like to know the opinion of a reliable person before choosing a residence for seniors. Bonjour Résidences exposes you the truthful assessments of people who have experienced a residence for seniors. It can be the family of a resident, a current resident or a former tenant, and even an industrial worker. Neutral and authentic, these comments will help you select the right residence and avoid the nasty surprises.
  7. Easy to navigate : Even if you are not a regular on the web, you will be able to find your home according to your needs. In just a few clicks, you can find all the information you are looking for. Thanks to the simplified search engine, you can specify your preferences according to specific criteria: type of unit, price, services offered and more. The search results will be true to your needs.
  8. Share your favorites : When you find the right residence for seniors, you can share it with a family member or a friend. This one can access the platform quickly and give you its appreciation. To do this, simply put the residence in your favorites and share it. No need to complicate your life, everything will be done in less than 2 clicks.
  9. Proximity and accessibility to residences. Bonjour Résidences has an enormous network of residences for seniors, even the largest in Quebec. We therefore have the possibility to put you in direct contact with the representative of the residence of your choice. You will therefore speak to the right person if you have any questions, wish advice or wish to make an appointment.  
  10. Give your opinion : Thanks to Bonjour Résidences, you can write a review or comment about a residence you or a relative have experienced. Please note that we are interested in your opinion and may help others in their search. Simply visit the page and click on the "Write a Review" section at the top of the website.

Bonjour Résidences, the solution to find a residence for seniors.

It is not always easy to find a residence that meets your criteria. Using Bonjour Residences will help you greatly in this often too difficult process. With the right information and opinions, you will be more confident about the chosen seniors' residence. If you or a loved one are looking for a future residence, do not hesitate to recommend Bonjour Résidences.