Temporary Housing for Seniors (Respite Stays)

Short term stay in senior home

Whether it's to receive convalescent short term care, try life in a residence or a respite, there are many reasons to choose temporary accommodation.


What is a short term stay in residence for seniors?

In most seniors' residences, it is possible to choose a short term stay (sometimes called temporary accommodation). This type of accommodation allows seniors to stay in residence for a shorter period (a day, a weekend, a week, a month, etc.). The short term stay can be punctuated by respite care, convalescence or short-term care while providing a safe environment. During this stay, you can benefit from the services made available to residents of the residence according to your needs.


In what situations can we consider temporary (short term stay) accommodation for seniors ?

  • Introducing a parent to residence life

  • Following an operation or medical intervention (convalescence)

  • Respite for caregivers

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Introducing a parent to private residence life

Sometimes a parent or caregiver may be reluctant to move permanently to a private residence. Thus, it is possible to do a trial period for a weekend or a week at an affordable cost. You will be able to experience life in residence and make an informed choice afterwards about your new living environment. You will be surprised by all the benefits of private residences : participating in various activities, peace of mind (no meals to prepare, no housekeeping to do, etc.) and above all security. Try it now! Go to the list of retirement homes offering short term stays in Quebec . Then click on the button visit this residence for the residence of your choice.


Following an operation or medical intervention (convalescence)

Several residences offer convalescent care services following your operation or medical intervention. For example, following an hospitalization, you can take advantage of a safe place to rest and recover. Packages are often available and affordable: 3 meals / day, laundry service, care, etc.


Senior convalescence short term stay in a private residence


Respite for caregivers

If you are a caregiver , you may need a break. The more care seniors need, the more difficult it becomes to care for them alone. When the services requested from the CLSC are not available , the caregiver must help to carry out daily tasks. Rest assured, you can entrust the care of the person you are accompanying to a private residence offering short stays. This way, you can rest for a weekend or even a full week knowing that your loved one is in a safe environment. You will have peace of mind knowing that care will be provided by qualified nursing staff.


Did you know ?

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