Caregivers or Residence for the elderly?

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Caregivers, also known as family caregivers, are people who provide care, over the course of one or more years, to a family member or friend with a chronic condition, such as Alzheimer's , a disability or problems related to aging. According to the RANQ (group of caregivers of Quebec), caregivers are people who offer their support voluntarily, according to their own living situation and play their role at home.


The care is provided to allow that person to stay in his home and maintain his independence for as long as possible, thus delaying the introduction of the seniors' residence .


Portrait of Caregivers in Canada

Unfortunately, this care provided daily requires a lot of time and money from caregivers. The decision to become a caregiver is rarely a thoughtful decision and people often have no idea how much sacrifice they will have to make. And the more care a family caregiver provides, the less accessible external resources become. Although they manage to cope with their responsibilities, this noble accompaniment gesture is more often a source of anxiety, anguish and fatigue.



Moving in residence?

That's why moving into residence can become the best long-term solution . The Seniors Residence is a home that was created to relieve families at all levels. It will allow all members of the family as well as the care recipients to recover physical and psychological well being. Studies conducted by Ms. Ricard, a professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Montreal on caregivers and the stress they experience, especially when the parent has a mental illness, confirms that several factors explain this stress. Not knowing who to go to for help, accessibility to care, which is not always obvious, lack of resources, etc. These anxieties also fuel the fear of the future that awaits them and the responsibility that will weigh on the shoulders of their own children.

Seniors' residences are adapted to offer several services to different types of clientele . Whether for an autonomous or non-autonomous clientele , it is possible to find a residence that meets your needs and offers all the required services, thus saving you from the heavy responsibilities that weigh on your shoulders.  


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