New seniors’ homes to replace existing CHSLDs

Seniors' Home concept CAQ


The Coalition Avenir Québec’s (CAQ) very first election promise during the 2018 election campaign was to create new “Maisons des aînés” in order to go through a model transformation of Quebec’s residential and long-term care centers (CHSLDs). According to the CAQ government, the CHSLD network is actually “dreaded” by the population and is in need of change.


Now that the CAQ took up the reins of power, the party intends to start its project this year and plans to build 30 seniors’ homes in its first 4-year mandate, at a total cost of $1 billion. This proposition also aims to address the need of an additional 2,600 long-term beds for seniors still awaiting a new home. The project was confirmed on November 26th by the Minister Responsible for Seniors, Marguerite Blais.


Thus, by 2038, all existing places in CHSLDs should be converted into seniors’ homes. Those new institutions will host between 70 to 130 people each in average.


Seniors Home Maison des aînés


A Modernized Formula for a Warm and Welcoming Environment

The purpose of Legault’s CAQ government’s initiative is to move away from the institutional setting of CHSLDs to create more “humane” homes for seniors in a living environment that is both user-friendly and modern.


New Installations Turned Towards the Future

After a comprehensive study of the needs of users and staff in CHSLDs, the idea starts with a complete architectural renewal. Rooms will be more spacious and air-conditioned. Circulation aisles, characterized by rich green vegetation, will be safer for seniors. The concept will be as follows: groups of small buildings of 12 rooms each. The rooms will be bigger and will have a private bathroom with an adapted shower. Common areas will also be provided so that residents can welcome their loved ones.


Maison des aînés intérieur


On the functional side of things, the government proposes to address the lack of manpower by hiring additional beneficiary attendants to adequately take care of the residents. Users will also benefit from improved hygiene care, including a minimum of 2 baths a week. A varied and quality choice of food will also be served to residents. An improvement over the current meals found in CHSLDs, according to the government.


If you are curious, the government also presented its project in a video.


A Fresh New Look for CHSLDs

In all this reconstruction of Quebec’s infrastructures, we can certainly see similarities between seniors’ homes proposed by the government and private residences. The latter are fairly well known by the public for their diversified services and activities offered in a warm living environment for many kinds of clientele (autonomous, semi-autonomous and in loss of autonomy).


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A First Seniors’ Home in Sainte-Elisabeth by Spring 2021

It’s in the Lanaudière region, in Sainte-Elisabeth, that the CAQ considers the construction of a first seniors’ home, the cost should be around $15 million. This first development project will replace an old convent that is currently being used as a CHSLD.


The Société Québécoise des infrastructures (SQI) described the project as a unique opportunity to outline and participate in the definition of a new concept of long-term care living environments. The SQI just launched the tender procedure of the new building that will host 42 people and aim to improve the conditions and the quality of life of the beneficiaries.


According to the information provided by the SQI, there is every reason to believe that CHSLDs will be renamed MSLDs, for “milieux de soins de longue durée”.


As claimed by Marguerite Blais, Quebec’s minister responsible for seniors, Sainte-Elisabeth’s new seniors’ home is only the first to be announced, but may not be the first to be inaugurated in Quebec.


In any event, we will have to wait at least until April 2021 to see the outcomes of this new project.


Living in a Seniors’ Home, But at What Cost?

The transition should be transparent for the residents. The CAQ government has repeatedly reiterated that the maximum costs for the users of seniors’ homes should not increase compared to what they are actually paying in CHSLDs. Needless to say, this news will be welcomed by the current and future residents.


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