CHSLDs in Estrie: public waiting lists are longer and longer !

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Sources: Radio-Canada & TVA nouvelles


The situation of the public health network is not improving in Estrie... waiting lists to obtain a place in public CHSLDs have increased from 140 to 188 requests between 2018 and 2019.


What the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS says ...

According to Maryse Trudeau, Assistant Director of the Support for Elderly Autonomy Program Directorate at the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS, the new places planned for the next two years will not be enough to meet the needs. As a solution, Ms. Trudeau is proposing to keep seniors at home a little longer under better conditions.


Home support, a good idea?

Home support is not as easy as we think and certainly not a viable long-term decision. Both financially and psychologically, the caregiver , when there is one, quickly runs out of resources and respite.


Did you know that the health network assistance program planned to support the projects, in order to adapt homes (ex: adapted bathroom, ramp of access, stairlift), has an average waiting list of two years ? For more details, read What is the true cost of seniors home support ?


In addition, home health care services are often difficult to obtain. According to the recent article of TVA nouvelles , the attendants are not always at the rendezvous, especially during long weekends.

"On Saturdays and Sundays, it was sometimes past 8 pm and we did not have our medications for supper and bedtime," said Huguette Caglar, a former professor of the University of Montreal aged 87 years old.


Are there other solutions?

Of course ! In the private sector, there are other accommodation alternatives. At Bonjour Résidences, we can help you find alternatives to the public network. Contact us at 1 844-918-1020 to find out about these options available near you, or fill out an accommodation request free of charge .


Have you thought of private residences while waiting for your place to the public?

In Quebec, it is possible to obtain a place in transitional private CHSLD, while waiting for a place for the public. So, you avoid the hassle and management of home maintenance and you can rest easy knowing that a continuous presence will be provided for the loved one.


The majority of residences offer respite services for caregivers, that is, they will have rooms available for seniors for a short term stay . We will be pleased to assist you in your accommodation research, in all regions of Quebec.


Call us at 1 844-918-1020 to find an available accommodation that suit your needs.