Waiting list for a CHSLD (by region)

Repartition of waiting demands for CHSLD

The waiting list for a place in a CHSLD is growing in Quebec. It is no longer a secret, there is not enough public accommodation to meet the needs of the aging Quebec population. In this regard, how to get a place in a CHSLD? What are the other alternatives?

Data in details ...

Before answering these questions, we must first have an overview of the problem, with figures drawn from the most recent report of the MSSS .

To better interpret this graph, we presented establishments with the highest number of pending requests first. It is easy to see that the CISSS Laval, CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale and the CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre have pending applications that exceed 200. In CHSLDs, we must wait that a place is free, up to two years (according to the book Veillir à la bonne place ).

How to get a place in a CHSLD?

To obtain a place in a CHSLD, it is necessary to go through several steps: the request for accommodation at the CLSC, the evaluation of the accommodation relevance, choosing the appropriate environment and the orientation of the community, the waiting for a place and admission. In a public CHSLD, the accommodation is not free, it is the RAMQ who establishes the amount to be paid , according to your financial capacity. If you have gone through these steps, you may still be waiting for a place. People waiting for a place often find themselves facing a lack of resources.


Yet there are other types of accommodation in the private sector. Seniors can receive a tax credit for care and services and get a place quickly without a waiting list. Moreover, in Quebec, it is possible to obtain a place in transitional private CHSLD, while waiting for a place to the public. Another advantage of the private sector, it is possible to bring your own personal belongings, for example, your own TV.


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