Caregivers or Retirement home?


Caregivers are person who try to maintain the health and well-being of Canadians living with chronic health conditions like Alzheimer, disabilities or aging needs.

Care are provided to allow the person who needs these care to remain in their home and maintain his independence for as long as possible rather than living in a retirement home.

Unfortunately, daily care provided require a lot of time and money from caregivers. To become a caregiver is rarely a thoughtful decision and people often have no idea how much sacrifices they will have to make. The more care a family caregiver provide, the less accessible external resources become. Although they manage to cope with their responsibilities, this noble gesture of accompaniment is more often than not a source of anxiety, anguish and fatigue.

This is why moving into a retirement home can become the best long-term solution. The retirement home is a home that was created to relieve families on all levels.

It will allow all members of the family as well as the care receiving to recover physical and psychological well being.

Retirement home are adapted to offer several services to different types of clientele. Whether for an independent or non-autonomous clientele, it is possible to find a retirement home that meets your needs and offers all the required services, freeing you from the heavy responsibilities that weigh on your shoulders.