How to find the ideal seniors residence?


Are you looking for a residence for the elderly for you or a loved one and ask yourself how to make the best choice? To better equip you face this selection, the new web site Bonjour Résidences informs you of the 9 must-see points to consider in the choice of accommodation. With these valuable tips, you can find the right place with confidence.

How to find the ideal residence for the elderly?

  1. Analyze your needs : Making a good choice implies above all a reflection. Ask yourself about your needs or those of the loved one. Do we need adapted services, proximity to family members, a specific budget, or frequent activities? Try to find out what is important to you and what is secondary. Then, stay true to your criteria during the search. With more than 1,800 seniors' residences in Quebec, it can be complex to make the best decision without having well-defined criteria.
  2. Target location: Once you have established your criteria, select your preferred neighborhood. If it is important for you to be close to your family and friends, or to a shopping mall, include these items in your choice. This will save you a lot of trouble once you get settled in the seniors' residence and will encourage family meetings or social activities.

  3. Use web and tools technology: Today you find everything on the Internet. Simpler, more accurate and faster, Web tools accelerate research of all kinds. Finding a residence for the elderly is no exception to the rule. So if you want to find a quality dwelling, use a search engine such as ours. You can also visit the seniors' websites and learn more about the units and services. However, be aware that Bonjour Résidences will find you the residences that will have met your criteria. You will save a lot of time and can visit residences that really suit your needs.

  4. Possible activities and the general atmosphere : Who said that the residences for the elderly do not rhyme with pleasure? Nowadays, there are plenty of places where activities and events are held to promote active living and interaction between residents.

  5. Ask about cleanliness and safety : Hygiene and safety are a must to consider when choosing your home for the elderly. When you select a location that you think is interesting, ask about the cleanliness and the safety measures. You can request this information from the residence's managers or include these elements in the search tools. The Bonjour Résidences platform includes these criteria in its detailed and modern research tool.

  6. Look for reviews or comments : The reputation of a residence inform you about its quality. Seeking advice on experience, ambiance, cleanliness and quality of services is an important step. With this information, you will be better equipped to make the right decision and above all, to avoid unpleasant surprises once the lease is signed. If you find several negative comments about a home, it may be wiser to continue with your search. However, if you find that a residence for the elderly holds many positive opinions, you are surely on the right track.

    To know the opinions, know that the Bonjour Résidences platform is the perfect place. Residents, family members or former landlords can leave comments and note their appreciation.

  7. Find out about the regulations :Before signing a lease, it is best to understand the rules and conditions of the establishment. Take and read all the necessary documentation to be well informed about life in residence and rules to follow. The code of ethics, additional costs, reception procedures, filing, handling of complaints and related services should be considered. If it suits you, keep going.

  8. Make an appointment : Once your residence has been selected, contact the person in charge to make an appointment. To simplify your appointment and speak quickly to the right person, use the Bonjour Résidences platform. She will tell you the contact information and will speed up the appointment process.

    Once there, visit the venue, the dining room, the common areas and talk to the staff. Find out if you feel comfortable in the residence and in the unit. Above all, do not hesitate to ask questions that you have previously defined on a list. This meeting is the perfect moment to look for answers. However, if you are looking for accommodation for a loved one, bring it with you if possible. As a result of the visit, discuss the pros and cons to see if this seniors' residence is ideal.

  9. Sign the lease : Before signing the lease, reread the rent inclusions and especially the services that require additional fees. The goal is to be well informed and especially to avoid gray areas. Review the rules and operation of the seniors' residence if necessary. If the whole thing suits you, sign the lease in peace. Your research will have borne fruit and you will enjoy your new residence.

With this guide to finding homes for the elderly, you will know how to find your new place in a residence who will suit your needs. It is a good bet that this process will seem easier with these tips and tools. And if you hesitate, continue your search on Bonjour Résidences to discover genuine reviews. You will find information about this place among those that are proposed.