Tax credit for seniors in private residences in Quebec

Credit for seniors in senior living

Did you know that people aged 70 and over living in Quebec can benefit from a refundable tax credit, in order to reduce their expenses related to home support services?


Amount of the tax credit for home support

According to Revenu Québec , the tax credit is equal to 35% of the expenses that were paid in the year (by you or your spouse) for eligible home-support services. However, if your annual family income is higher than $ 58,380, the tax credit is reduced by 3% by the amount which exceeds $ 58,380. This reduction does not apply if you are considered to be a non-autonomous person or, if you claim the credit for your couple, if your spouse or you are recognized as a non-autonomous person.


A government subsidy for the elderly also applicable in private residences

If you live in a certified private seniors' residence and you are 70 years of age and over, you may be able to claim the tax credit for home-support services. And yes, staying in a retirement home does not deprive you of access to this credit at all. The following are examples of eligible services:

  • Housekeeping (cleaning, sweeping and dusting)
  • Clothing and bedding care
  • Field maintenance and snow removal
  • Dressing aid
  • Bathing aid
  • Food aid
  • Meal delivery


The amount you can claim for eligible services included in your rent is determined using already established calculation tables.

For more information on eligible services and expenses, visit .


Calculator to estimate the eligible amount

If you wish to estimate, for a month, the amount to which you may be entitled, refer to the estimation calculator from Revenu Québec.


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