Residences stand out for their activities even in confinement

Women on her balcony in retirement home

Since confinement, many residences for seniors have set up special remote activities, to reduce feelings of loneliness during this period. Here are some original activities:


1- Solidarity show - Château Bellevue de Valleyfield

From the top of their balconies, residents were able to attend a magnificent song and dance performance by the recreation committee.

Michel Beaulieu sings every day to residents confined to Château Bellevue in Valleyfield

Photo credit: Journal Saint-François

Listen to the video of Chateau Bellevue in Valleyfield


2- Balcony zumba - Alizéa

Residents were able to participate in zumba classes from the terrace of their residence. A great physical activity that keeps you in shape!

From balcony zumba to Alizéa to counter containment!

Photo credit: Le Reflet

Listen to the Alizéa video


3- Easter Eggs - Sélection Retraite

At Easter, the Sélection Retraite group gifted its residents with an Easter egg from the famous Chocolat Favoris.

Easter Chocolate Retreat Selection

Photo credit: Facebook of Sélection Retraite


4- Remote bingo - Résidence Saint-François

A beautiful idea from the Residence Saint-François de Charlesbourg, remote bingo! An activity which certainly brought good vibes.

Bingo at Résidence Saint-François

Photo credit: Radio-Canada

Listen to the video of the Résidence Saint-François


5- Love message - Résidence Monseigneur Bourget

And what about this magnificent video of Résidence Monseigneur Bourget residents ? It is simply touching and beautiful to see them! Good job to the team for this hopeful video.

Monseigneur Bourget Residence

Photo credit: Facebook of the Résidence Monseigneur Bourget

Listen to the video of the Residence Monseigneur Bourget


6- Online exercises and games - FADOQ

The FADOQ network shared 15 exercises adapted to the elderly to keep fit at home .

If you are a fan of sudoku and crossword puzzles, a full list of online games is also available.


Everything is going to be fine 🌈