Remove your parent from the CHSLD during COVID-19?

CHSLD Covid-19 - wheelchair man

Are you worried about your relative in a CHSLD? Would you like to take care of him? To help you make an informed choice, here are your options with their implications.


Caring for your parent in a CHSLD as a caregiver

In a press briefing on April 14, Prime Minister François Legault announced that after careful consideration and that there is currently a shortage of 1,250 employees in CHSLDs in Quebec, family caregivers will be welcome again in CHSLDs to help in continuity of care and in the activities of daily life of his close relative under certain conditions:


  • Only family caregivers who are familiar with the CHSLD and who already offered care on a regular basis will be eligible.
  • The caregiver known to the establishment must receive authorization from the establishment's management and must follow the instructions during their care.
  • The caregiver must take care of only one resident in the facility and maintain compliance with the distance and hygiene instructions both at the CHSLD and upon his return home to avoid any further spread.


Bring your parent home

Health Minister Danielle McCann mentioned during the daily report on the fight against the pandemic in Quebec that families can pick up their parents if they do not have COVID-19 , but at the door, without entering in the building.


According to the Journal de Québec , François Legault has agreed to be more understanding with families concerned about the fate of their seniors, often confined to a small apartment without the possibility of going out.


Certain conditions must however be respected:

  • The family members of the elderly person living in a CHSLD or a private establishment must not contact other residents during the move.
  • They will have to wait outside and the elder will have to be able to go out on his own. Transportation of personal effects or furniture is at the family's expense.
  • This openness from the government does not apply to seniors living in a residence considered to be a hotbed for coronavirus.


Think about it!

Are you worried and want to remove your parent from their CHSLD? It's a good thought. Several points should not be overlooked before making this decision. As the public health director, Dr. Horacio Arruda reminds us, "putting your parents" in the shelter "in your home is not really a good idea". There is a risk of contamination , when "your family could be asymptomatic and transmit the virus to your parents without knowing it."


In addition, you should know that once removed from the facility, “the elderly cannot return to the CHSLD before the end of the pandemic . It is therefore possible that their place will be offered to another person on the waiting list. ” says Minister McCann . Remember that the waiting time for a place in a CHSLD can be up to two years.


It must be taken into account that some seniors in CHSLDs need a lot of care and that the safety and protection of the elder will have to be ensured.