Intermediate resources: assisted living environments

Beneficiary attendant assist senior in an intermediate resource.


Intermediate resources (IR): living environments adapted to semi-autonomous seniors or people with loss of autonomy

You have just learned that you, or a loved one, is referred to an intermediate resource? Knowing that this situation can sometimes bring several interrogations, we address the most frequent questions in this article.

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What is an intermediate resource (IR) ?

According to the Government of Quebec, an intermediate resource (IR) is defined as a living environment adapted to the needs of semi-autonomous seniors or people with loss of autonomy that need help with their daily activities from 1 to 3 hours of care per day. They do not require as much care and services offered in a long-term care centre (CHSLD) which is 3 hours and more of care per day. Each intermediate resource is linked to a public institution in the health and social services network (by an exclusive agreement) which is responsible for the quality of the services offered. These living environments, introduced in the early 2000s in order to meet the demand of an aging population, offer support and assistance services to beneficiaries.


In addition, intermediate resources can accommodate different types of residents. There are three main groups involved in intermediate resources: seniors with loss of autonomy requiring less than 3 hours of care per day, people with mental health problems and intellectual or physical disabilities.


What is the admission procedure ?

When looking for an intermediate resource, a social worker employed by a public institution such as a CLSC will assess the degree of autonomy and determine the most appropriate resource for the person's needs. For all admissions, you must contact the CLSC in your area.


What are the services offered ?

According to the CSSS, the services offered in intermediate resources are the following:

  • Support services provided by beneficiary attendants, 24 hours a day
  • Doctor available, on call, 24 hours a day
  • Physiotherapy or occupational therapy services, on medical prescription
  • Food service
  • Housekeeping and washing of clothes and bedding
  • Activities


In addition, other goods and services are offered for no additional cost by IR for example:

  • Access to a common phone
  • A private room equipped with a bed, a suitable mattress, a drawer or the equivalent and a table lamp;
  • The normal maintenance of the room, bedding and clothes washing;
  • Buying food and preparation of balanced meals and snacks (taking into account prescribed diets);
  • Basic pharmaceutical products (for example a first aid kit, analgesic, cough syrup, antibiotic ointment);
  • Medication management
  • Incontinence products.


A private residence or an intermediate resource?

In the case of the intermediate resource (IR), it exclusively offers services to people who have been referred by the Quebec health system and the prices are representative of the resident's income. However, the waiting list can be long.

When looking for a retirement home, it is also possible to choose a private residence for semi-autonomous seniors. Private retirement homes have mandatory certification issued by the Department of Health and Social Services. Thus, the private retirement homes must meet requirements for food, safety, places and more. The main advantages of private residences are that they offer rooms available quickly, they are many and they can be found everywhere in Quebec; therefore you avoid a waiting list and you are entitled to a tax credit.


To find out more about the admission criterias to access an intermediate resource, contact the CLSC in your area or your CSSS.


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