COVID-19: Unprecedented efforts in seniors' residences

Covid19 in retirement homes - desinfection

Non-stop work for seniors' residences in Quebec for the past few weeks: stopping the spread of the coronavirus. What measures have been taken by private residences for seniors in Quebec? Here is a portrait of private residences and what they do every day to ensure the protection of their residents.


Protection in senior living

Prevention protocol, restriction of residence visits, setting up virtual visits, suspension of open doors and very specific hygiene rules, here are just a few procedures that have been put in place to face the COVID-19 situation. From the start of the outbreak in China, many private retirement homes had already implemented strict health and safety measures. In addition, since March 23, residences for seniors in Quebec have been in containment. Security guards are also installed at the doors of several residences.


Measures of large groups of residences in Quebec

Château Bellevue Group - “like going through customs”

According to Le Nouvelliste , the management of the Château Bellevue Group vigorously defends the measures put in place to protect residents: "Entering Château Bellevue now is like going through customs", illustrates Mr. Lepage. “We ask questions, we check the risks. We have special treatment for packages. We have put the necessary measures in place, people do not have to worry. It is probably the safest place for seniors today. There are more than 500 residences with COVID-19 cases, but in the majority of cases, they are CHSLDs or other types of resources that are not private residences, ”he underlines. For the moment, Mr. Lepage has not identified any cases of contamination in his complexes.


Moreover, it is difficult to find safer living environments , the seniors are well settled in their apartments where they have their meals delivered directly on site. For residents who wish to walk outside, a specific schedule is established, with one employee or volunteer per group of five. Recently, the group also asked for police supervision during the daily walks taken by the residents outdoors, to ensure their safety.


Sélection Retraite

Sélection Retraite, one of the largest groups of residences in Quebec, has implemented rigorous measures to protect its residents and employees. Their table of extraordinary measures put in place clearly demonstrates how seriously health and safety is taken. Several measures go far beyond the directives of the Government of Quebec or Canada. Here are some of the exclusive measures that are applied:


  • Temperature measurement of anyone accessing the residence
  • Establishment of the comfort squad to reduce the feeling of loneliness
  • Implementation of a telephone information line for their residents about COVID-19 and preventive measures implemented in the complex
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection
  • Keeping a register of authorized visitors (family caregivers and medical visits)
  • Tele-medicine service in partnership with Telus Santé


See the full list of measures related to COVID-19 by Réseau Sélection, by clicking here.



As of April 6, the Cogir group has no case of COVID19 . As mentioned on their website, all security measures are in place to protect their residents and their loved ones . Here is a summary:


  • Squad team for continuous disinfection of the building
  • Protective measures at entry for each visitor
  • Exit control to avoid external community contamination
  • Social distancing
  • All packages delivered to the residence, including food products are cleaned


Other residences have also implemented specific measures, according to Le Nouvelliste , for example at Place Belvédère in Trois-Rivières , Louis Perron, president of the condominium syndicate, is impressed by the measures implemented: “All secondary doors are locked and delivery is made at the main entrance, where things are dropped off at the reception, ”he says. "No one enters the floors. The measures are quite severe, but everyone agrees with that. ”.


According to Le Manic , at the Oasis des Pionniers , "We are installing barriers at the entrance to the parking lot," said the residence manager, Clara Mayer. This new measure aims to control the comings and goings, especially in the case of parcels intended for residents. Besides, all the bags and boxes left by relatives are sanitized before being given to the residents.


RPAs (seniors' residences) are making unprecedented efforts to protect their residents and their living environments in this global fight against Coronavirus disease. Soon this situation will be behind us, take the time to shop for the best residence for your needs thanks to the Bonjour Résidences web platform !


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