Canada Seniors Benefit: A Possible New Allowance ?

Justin Trudeau and the new canadian seniors allocation



According to La Presse , on September 15, 2020, “the Trudeau government is juggling the idea of creating a new benefit for seniors, the Canada Seniors Benefit, which would draw heavily on the progressive elements of the Canada Child Benefit, implemented in 2016 ”.


Details to come in the Speech from the Throne

The Speech from the Throne will take place on September 23 , in which the government will be able to address this question and provide more details on this possibility of an additional allowance for seniors. The purpose of this new benefit would be to provide financial support to seniors who are struggling to make ends meet, even when receiving the guaranteed income supplement. The amount of this benefit may vary depending on the person's income.


A pandemic weighing heavily on our seniors

The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly difficult for the senior population of Quebec, as Justin Trudeau specified during the confinement : “Seniors rely on delivery services and cannot take advantage of sales. They don't lose their income, but they are under a lot of stress. ”. A government source interviewed by La Presse mentioned that seniors have suffered a lot in recent months.


Several questions arise: When can we expect this service? How much will be paid and will this help be sufficient? Be there for the Speech from the Throne for more details.


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Additional investments in CHSLDs?

According to the CBC network, the government could also invest in long-term care centers, in order to remedy the problems identified in times of the pandemic.