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Need to quickly refer a patient
to a private seniors' residence?

No problem! Bonjour Residences is here to help your patient for free, to find the living environment that best suits his needs. We can guide the families in their search in all RLSS and for any type of private residence for seniors.

Bonjour Residences Who are we?

With our email and telephone support service, your clients will find quickly a residence corresponding to their needs, even in short deadlines.

Our web platform provides seniors and their relatives a simple and free support, facilitating the process of finding a retirement home.

We list all the residences in Quebec that are on the MSSS register, without exception.

Suggest Bonjour Residences to your clients to speed up the search process of residence.

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How does it work with Bonjour Residences?

You have a patient to relocate.
Your patient must quickly find a residence that meets his needs and you are short of resources. You cannot find available units in RPA? We have options for them.
patient to relocate.
Your patient calls Bonjour Residences.
From the first contact, we guide the client for free in his research. With the assistance of our qualified staff, we find quickly the right retirement home throughout Quebec.
Your patient calls Bonjour Residences
A happy ending without worries!
By knowing that your patient has found his new living environment, you can pass on the next file peacefully.
A happy ending without worries!

emergency relocation
Need an urgent relocation for a patient?

Inform your patients about our
Urgent Relocation that offers the units available in private seniors' residences in real-time.

Our database is updated regularly to ensure that we are always informed of the available places in retirement homes. This way, our users can make an informed choice, despite urgent delays, in all regions of Quebec.
Thanks to our urgent relocation service:
  • We take over your research and the patient is quickly taken care of.
  • We refer the patient to the retirement homes that have availabilities according to their needs
  • Visits are planned in the coming days and the signing of the lease is done in no time!

Find a RPA for a transitory accommodation

Your patient will be discharged from the hospital shortly and you will be short of resources to find him a transitory accommodation?

Several private seniors' residences offer the possibility of a short stay, for a definite period or not, for convalescence or simply for a respite. At Bonjour Résidences, we are the experts in RPAs. We can do these kinds of research quickly and efficiently for you or your patients to facilitate this transition.

Contact us for free to find a transitory accommodation for your patient.

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Transitory relocation
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It will be a pleasure to send you brochures of our services as well as accommodation request forms for your patients and their families.
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