Procedures of private residences to manage coronavirus

Coronavirus prevention in residences for seniors

Faced with the coronavirus outbreak, private residences for seniors in Quebec have implemented a protocol of procedures to manage the situation. Preventive measures, virtual visits, suspension of open doors and specific hygiene rules, here are just a few of several ways to reduce the risks. Read on to find out more about what the private sector is doing.

Prevention measures in seniors' residences

Currently, prevention remains essential to reduce the spread. Know that private residences are also living environments that have strict protocols in terms of health and safety and must comply with the obligations of their certification . They have the capacity to react well, they take the hygiene of living environments seriously and put in place preventive measures to protect residents.


From the first outbreak in China, residences in Quebec applied very specific procedures . For example, some residences have significantly limited visitors to their establishments. Each visitor is questioned before entering a residence. In the case of symptoms or trips abroad, these people cannot enter the residence. According to the latest press releases, the Quebec government has also banned all non-essential visits to CHSLDs, hospitals and residences for the elderly, in order to protect the residents The health and well-being of residents is the priority of the residences. Other procedures consistent with the recommendations issued by the government have been taken, including the following:


  • suspension of open days and group activities outside
  • disinfectant at the entrance to residences / dispenser at the entrance of buildings
  • health and safety rules to be extra vigilant (hand washing, disinfection, etc.)
  • internal health and safety policies
  • infection prevention
  • staff awareness
  • virtual tours


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