Directories of resources for seniors in retirement

Resources for seniors

Several groups and associations are dedicated to supporting and helping seniors in different spheres of life. Health, recreation or culture, discover the list of resources that may be useful to you!


Portals and Government Services

These websites include all government services and programs for seniors. They will facilitate your search for resources in several areas.

Resources for seniors of Governement of Canada
National Council of Seniors of Canada
Seniors Services Portal of the Government of Québec
Portal of the Québec Ministry of the Family
MADA Program: Friendly Municipalities of Seniors

Leisure and social life

Federation of the Golden Age of Quebec

FADOQ is the largest gathering of people aged 50 and over in the province and the leader in the quality of life of Quebec seniors. It has 490,000 members, 749 clubs and 16 regional groupings. This network brings together and represents people aged 50 and over in order to maintain and improve their quality of life. The FADOQ defends and promotes their rights, values their contribution to society and supports them through various programs, services and activities throughout Quebec.

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Information Network for Seniors and Elders of Quebec

The mission of the RIAQ is to provide computer troubleshooting programs and training to help seniors familiarize themselves with the computer and the Internet. The group also aims to counter the loneliness of the elderly by inviting them to participate in discussion groups on the web.


Montreal Seniors' Forum

The objective of the FCAM is to organize meetings to promote exchanges between seniors, to inform them on various subjects (lectures, talks, etc.), to stimulate their meninges through play activities and to organize outings of all kinds.


Bonjour Résidences is a web platform that offers seniors and their families a simple and free support facilitating the search process of a residence throughout Quebec. Fill out an accommodation request now.


Community groups

Quebec Association of Community Centers for Seniors

The AQCCA is the only provincial grouping of community centers for seniors across Quebec. It supports the work of the centers by providing information, training staff and volunteers, and by promoting the flow of information between centers in different regions. Its objectives are to promote and support community centers for seniors, to assist them in their development, to recognize their specific problems and to promote the emergence of common solutions.


Quebec Association for the Protection of Retired and Pre-Retired Persons

The AQDR's mission is to collectively defend the cultural, economic, political and social rights of retirees and early retirees. The association works on issues such as decent income (above the poverty line), adequate and affordable housing, services and home care, equality between women and men, and l Universal and free access to health and social services.


The Quebec Grandparents' Association

The AGPQ is an organization for the defense of the rights and interests of grandparents, grandchildren and extended families. It offers a listening line, conferences and information sessions to support and guide grandparents who are experiencing family difficulties.

Business combinations

The Canadian Association of Gerontology

The Canadian Association of Gerontology (CAG) is Canada's leading multidisciplinary association for those who are working or interested in research in the field of aging. It brings together health and social service professionals, researchers, students and companies.


The Quebec Association of Geriatric Physicians

The AMGQ brings together more than 60 physicians specializing in geriatrics in the province. Its mission is to represent them within the Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec. The site offers a search tool to find a geriatrician in your locality.


Quebec Association of Gerontology Nurses

The AQIIG brings together 8,000 nurses working with seniors, whether in the community, acute or long-term care, teaching or research. La Gérontoise, their official publication, is published twice a year and examines the needs of the aging, aging population with a loss of autonomy. It presents the results of various research carried out in this field, clinical projects and experiences in healthcare settings.


University Institute of Geriatrics of Montreal

The IUGM is a center of care specializing in the health of the elderly and a living environment for the residents. The institute has 446 beds and an ambulatory center, including one of the few specialized chronic pain management clinics for seniors. It is the leader in Quebec in clinical practices, specialized care, knowledge development on aging and the health of the elderly.


Quebec Society of Geriatrics

Founded in 1983, the Société québécoise de gériatrie is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the various aspects of aging. It brings together physicians and residents concerned with the different aspects of aging in the elderly. Promoting progress in the well-being of older people and promoting the study of aging is an integral part of its mission.