Claims for seniors by FADOQ


Have you take notice of the list of priority claims prepared by the FADOQ network?

The largest group of people aged 50 + from Quebec has been clear, it "intends to hound the government and the opposition parties to undertake to respond positively to these requests."

12 major points were targeted for caregivers and home care as well as several issues related to the health of seniors.

The Fadoq network has asked for what he sees as achievable and a priority in the short term for the quality of life of seniors.

12 priority claims

1- Recognition of status and legal definition of caregivers in Quebec.

2- Protection of employment of workers in situations of acute caregiving.

3- The enhancement of the caregiver tax credit up to $ 2,500.

4- The elimination of the criterion of cohabitation of the tax credit for caregivers to reflect reality.

5- Caregivers living in a private residence for seniors can benefit from the caregiver tax credit.

6-The addition of transportation to the basket of services covered by the Financial Assistance Exemption Program for Domestic Help Services. (PEFSAD).

7- The inclusion of herpes zoster in the Quebec Immunization Program for people aged 65 and over, as well as influenza and pneumococcal infections.

8- That a subsidy (or RAMQ coverage) be offered to low-income seniors aged 65 and over for denture care, rather than a tax credit, to facilitate access.

9- That a subsidy (or RAMQ coverage) be offered to low-income people aged 65 and over to cover a purchase, replacement and adjustment of glasses every five years.

10- That eye exam for a driver's license be covered for people 65 years of age and over who are low-income.

11- That a second hearing aid be covered by the RAMQ for people aged 65 and over.

12- That the benefit established for the purchase of a hearing aid be paid regardless of the device chosen by the insured.

That's what they call, the strength of the network!

We wish them good luck and wish them success in their quest to improve the quality of life of the elderly!