Rechercher une résidence

La Villa d'Émilie Inc.

1568, rue des Oblats, Mont-Joli, QC

Résidence Lorraine Levesque

306, rue Principale, Saint-Gabriel-de-Rimouski, QC

Villa St-Rémi

4, rue du Centre C.P. 40, Price, QC

The Villa St-Rémi residence is an NPO located in the small municipality of Price in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. It offers 24 places to autonomous retired persons or seniors with a slight loss of autonomy (semi-autonomous). The location of this residence is close to all services. Contact Mrs. Thériault to get all the answers to your questions about Villa St-Rémi.

Résidence Jubé

11, rue St-Pierre, Rimouski, QC

Résidence La Joie de Vivre, Trois-Pistoles

417, rue Jean Rioux, Trois-Pistoles, QC

Résidence Bonséjour

27, rue Drapeau, Saint-Jean-de-Dieu, QC

Résidence Chez Nath

16, rue de l'Église, Sayabec, QC

Résidence Chez Nath is a private seniors' retirement home. The residence welcomes elderly people (autonomous seniors) aged 65 and over. In order to know all the services and treatments available, please contact Mme Savoie.

Manoir des Pignons

95, rue Desbiens, C.P. 117, Amqui, QC

Located in the beautiful town of Amqui in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, the Manoir des Pignons residence is home to autonomous and / or semi-autonomous seniors (with a slight loss of autonomy). Le Manoir des Pignons is a private residence for seniors with 77 units. Contact Mrs. Julie Gagné to know all the services and care available at the residence.

La Villa des Aînés de Trois-Pistoles

568, rue Caron, Trois-Pistoles, QC

The Villa des Aînés in Trois-Pistoles is a private residence for seniors, located in Trois-Pistoles, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. The Villa des Aînés in Trois-Pistoles has 19 units to house the autonomous or semi-autonomous elderly. The Villa des Aînés of Trois-Pistoles is close to several services that make life everyday, such as restaurants, shops, pharmacies and a sports center, to name but a few.

Résidence B.Paquet

56, rue Principale, Saint-Moïse, QC

Résidence B. Paquet is an 8-unit residence that houses self-employed seniors and / or a slight loss of autonomy (semi-autonomous). It is located in the small town of Saint-Moïse in the Lower Saint-Laurence region. Contact Mrs. Paquet to know all the possibilities you will have to live at Residence B. Paquet.

Domaine des Érables

10, 4e Avenue, Saint-Fabien, QC

The Domaine des Érables is a residence for seniors (RPA). It is located in the Lower St. Lawrence, in the town of Saint-Fabien. It welcomes autonomous seniors and those who lose autonomy (semi-autonomous). Contact Ms. Bellavance to find out about all the care and services available.

Les Résidences de l'Immaculée

225, rue St-Germain-Ouest, Rimouski, QC