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FAQ retirement homes

When it comes to choose a retirement home for yourself or a loved one, several questions arise. To help you see clearly, we have listed the main questions related to the selection of a senior living.

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Find the right residence for free. It's simple with Bonjour Ré

Choosing a residence for seniors is an important step! Seniors and their loved ones often find themselves short of resources and have several questions: how much does it cost? What type of residence to choose? How to make the right choice? Etc.

Fortunately, Bonjour Résidences' business is made up of experts in the field! We can help you free of charge at all times with your residence searches, in addition to answering all your questions. The purpose of this article is to explain in detail how our service works and why thousands of Quebec families trust us in the search of a senior home.

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Bonjour Résidences Award Gala Vision

On November 15th, the 2019 Gala Vision organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Les Moulins took place. The Gala Vision pays tribute to the business people who, through their commitment and their actions, have distinguished themselves over the past year, presenting themselves as sources of inspiration for the community of Moulins. More than 250 entrepreneurs were present!

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Quickly find a place in a retirement home

Because an unpredictable situation can happen, speed up the process of your accommodation request with our free Urgent Relocation service. Our team of specialists operates quickly thanks to our technology which allows us to know the availabilities in real time of the residences.


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Bonjour Résidences search service to find a retirement home

Looking for a seniors' residence, but do not know where to start? Have peace of mind, the brand new Bonjour Résidences web platform is a must to find your future seniors residence. In this short article, you'll know how to find the perfect accommodation for you or a loved one and how to get the community's feedback on private homes for seniors.

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