Laws that protect seniors

In Quebec, there are different laws to protect seniors. Know your rights by reading the following article.

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Lease in private residence for seniors and help with search Bonjour Résidences

Have you just signed a lease in a private residences for seniors or are you thinking of doing so? Would you like to know your rights as an occupant ?

This essential guide based on information from the Régie du logement is here to help you. It has been specially written to provide you with information on private residences for seniors, as well as the different conditions of the lease in Quebec. Keep reading to know everything about it ...

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Logo laws on marijuana in retirement homes in Quebec

On October 17th, 2018, the legalization of cannabis came into effect. Although it is possible for an adult to possess 150 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent, it is forbidden to have it in your possession in certain public places. However, what about the laws governing cannabis in seniors' residences?

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Mandate of incapacity and protection mandate

Many articles refer to the mandate of incapacity and the protection mandate. But what is the difference? How to choose your mandatary ? What are the rights of the mandatory and the mandator ? Bonjour Residences discuss about all of these topics with you in this article.

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Mandate of incapacity and Power of Attorney

The general explanations below answer the main questions raised by the caregivers concerning the homologation of a Protection Mandate, formerly known as a Mandate of Incapacity, and the General Power of Attorney. To illustrate the concepts, we will present Jeanne's hypothetical situation.

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