Alzheimer signs

By definition, Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative pathology that causes cognitive impairment. This disease is also considered a set of diseases that are called "dementias". It is explained by the degeneration and death of brain cells resulting in marked narrowing of certain brain regions, according to the Alzheimer Society of Canada.


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Foot care for seniors AIISPQ

What is the AIISPQ? Why choosing a member of the AIISPQ to take care of your feet ? What are the different cares that these specialists can administer and how important is taking care of our feet? Learn more in this article.

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Beneficiary attendant assist senior in an intermediate resource.

Orderlies working in retirement home are employees of great importance to the seniors well-being. They contribute to their convalescence or help them to maintain patient’s health in a safe environment. All day long, orderlies ensure a caring presence among elders by helping them with physical tasks as get up, get dressed, to eat, and go to bed for example.  

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