Articles written by the author Sara Girard
President and cofounder of Bonjour Résidences

Bonjour Résidences schema on caregivers

Caregivers also referred to as family caregivers are people who provide care, over the course of one or more years, to a family member or friend with a chronic health problem, such as Alzheimer's, a disability or problems related to aging.

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Benefits from living in retirement home

It must be admitted, the term "residence" sounded moribund a few years ago. However, the field of seniors' accommodation has evolved considerably to dynamic living environments that are perfectly adapted to the needs of retirees.

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How to choose a retirement home ?

Looking for a retirement home for yourself or a loved one and wondering how to make the best choice? To better equip you with this selection, the new Bonjour Résidences platform informs you of the 9 must-haves to consider while choosing an accommodation. With these tips, you can find the right place with confidence.

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