Articles written by the author Pierre-Alexandre St-Laurent
Associate and cofounder of Bonjour Résidences

FADOQ claims

Have you take notice of the list of priority claims prepared by the FADOQ network? The largest group of people aged 50 + from Quebec has been clear, it "intends to hound the government and the opposition parties to undertake to respond positively to these requests." 12 major points were targeted for caregivers and home care as well as several issues related to the health of seniors.

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Accommodation Consultant in Senior Home

Finding the right senior home requires a lot of research when you want to get all the criteria that meet your needs or those of a relative. To facilitate the task and save time, it is possible to consult an accommodation consultant, a totally free service, to guide you in your research.

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Different choices to live in residence

Thinking of going to live in residence, but do not know what to expect? Let us paint a portrait of the different choices available to you. You know, retirement homes have evolved a lot in the last few years. It is not any more "old houses" for people with loss of autonomy. In 2017, we are talking about pre-retirement and retired establishments, not sad homes and even fewer hospices!

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