The Salon Carrefour 50 Years old and plus


The opinion of all to enrich our community

It was not even 10 o'clock that we were already meeting our first retirees. Many kiosks, magnificent smiles and a convivial atmosphere hovered in the congress center where the Carrefour 50 years show was held during the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of April.

What a nice surprise it was for the whole team of Bonjour Résidences to meet so many generous people! It was with great pleasure that we discussed with each resident or family of a resident who came to the booth to listen to tell us about their experience. Like the small diligent bees, the whole team of Bonjour Résidences has helped many people to write their opinion on our platform. It could be said that there was action under the balloons!

Thanks to all these comments, we allow people in the research process, whether for a loved one or for themselves, to consult authentic opinions shared by the community. Our simple and efficient search engine allows to find a residence that correspond to their criteria.

With a little more than 200 new opinions gathered during this thrilling weekend, it can be said that our goal for this event has been largely achieved. For their part, visitors to the show were able to see how easy and fast it was to write an opinion on the platform of Bonjour Résidences, going as far as publishing two for some.

In short, this show was a pleasant experience on the whole line. In fact, the Bonjour Résidences team is already preparing for the FADOQ 50 + Show, which will be held at the Centre de foires de Québec on September 29-30 and October 1st  and which, we are very confident, will be equally interesting! Hope to see you there!